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Impecca gives you two new eco-friendly products to bring your gadgets a little closer to Earth.

Gadget Review: Bamboo Keyboard & Wooden iPhone case from Impecca

Being green, environmentally friendly, and functional is not something often pulled off in the tech world, but Impecca has taken their shot with their line of Bamboo peripherals. Bamboo is a great choice for building material, not only due to it inherent strength and lightness, but it significantly lessens the global impact of products like this, of which many end up in the e-waste facilities.

Impecca Bamboo Wireless Keyboard

The Bluetooth Bamboo Bluetooth Bamboo Keyboard from Impecca comes in four different trim colors (mine came in blue) and the flat, thin keys have very smooth response action, similar to the Mac brushed aluminum keyboards. In comparison to the Mac versions, this is about the same size as their wireless keyboard, not the full-sized wired version.

The range of the keyboard is 35-feet, but whoever is typing on their machine from that far away has far better eyesight than me. It’s compatable across all Bluetooth devices and puts itself to sleep when not in use, which is handy because the battery charge can last up to 30 days on standby.

I typed out various documents and articles on my home laptop and on my iPad using the Bamboo keyboard, and I have no complaints. The only thing I noticed was the image on the box and user guide showed two holes for LED lights, indicating battery and Bluetooth connection, yet on my review copy there were no holes, only the symbols for each. So it’s impossible to see when the keyboard is done charging because there’s no hole for the light. Obviously important, but I think this is a one-off in my case, which I chalk up to the unique efforts that go into making this product.

iPhone 6 Wooden case

I also received an iPhone 6 case made out of Maple, Rosewood, and Ebony called EcoShield. It’s a stylish way to protect your technology with something completely natural. The case is a little bulkier than my last rubber/plastic version, but the hand comfort and feel of the case is nicer. If you’re looking to make an eco-statement with your phone, this is a perfect way to do it.

These two devices from Impecca, the Bamboo Wireless Keyboard and the ECOShield iPhone case, are all-natural ways to give your gadgets a little taste of Mother Earth.

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