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Are you thinking about picking up a new Apple device for the holidays? If so, these considerations can help you save major bucks.

Five Things to Consider Before Buying an Apple Device for the Holidays

Apple devices are the hot commodities this holiday season, and you’ll probably hear a loved one request a new iPhone or iPad at least once. However, these smartphones and tablets can cost a pretty penny, stretching your already tight holiday budget. You can reduce the damage on your wallet by knowing the best ways for you to get deals and avoid

Holiday Deals

The holiday sales season is in full effect! Just take a look at the ads published by Walmart, Best Buy, and Target–even in the post Black Friday buying frenzy. Inventory is limited and likely to go fast, so if you plan to snag an iPad Air 2 or iPad Mini 3, then it’s important to get in early–before supplies vanish on the latest devices.

Carrier Subsidies

Are you eligible for a carrier upgrade? If so, then might be in line to save hundreds of dollars on previous and current generation iPhones. When you sign up for a new two-year contract with major carriers like Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, then the cellular company gives you a subsidized price on your phone. This brings the current generation iPhone 6 model down to a more manageable $199 starting price. One of the best subsidized deals is the free iPhone 5C, which is the colorful plastic counterpart of the iPhone 5. This can be an extremely affordable way to upgrade from an older generation phone without breaking the bank.

End User Considerations

Think about low and high tech needs. Does your grandma truly need the highest capacity, latest generation iOS device when she’s just looking for a portable way to watch Netflix? You should purchase the model that fits the person – not just the latest and greatest device. If you truly want to customize the device to the gift recipient, consider taking them directly to an Apple store or authorized reseller so that they can test-drive the different iOS devices. While some gift recipients might love the compact iPad mini screen, others might find it cumbersome and difficult to see. Alternatively, you can also give out Apple Store cards as gifts, so that your loved one can go to the store later and choose their own device.

Generation Specs

While you shop around for the ideal iOS device for yourself or a loved one, make sure to carefully compare the specs for different model generations. While you might assume that the iPad mini 3 takes a major departure from the iPad mini 2, you might be wrong. Many of the specs between these two releases are actually the same, with the exception of the Touch ID capability and different color finishes. However, the iPad mini 3 is far more expensive, since it is the latest generation.

Financing Options

One of the most overlooked things about buying Apple mobile devices is the wide array of financing options available for these products. Apple itself has partnered with Visa to create a financing option for customers. It remains interest-free for 6 months to a year, so you have time to pay it off incrementally. Carriers such as Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T all have their own financing options if you subscribe to their mobile data services. These payment plans allow you to finance your new iPad over the span of several months, reducing holiday burdens.

Are you thinking about picking up a new iOS device for the holidays? If so, these considerations can help you save major bucks.

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  1. I won’t buy another Apple device because they are untrustworthy and unreliable. They are surrendering every bit of citizens privacy to the telecomm network owners, and I suppose, to the government and the mafia as well.

    Apple has lead the way in converting the Internet from a pretty child into a painted tart, glittering and colorful but infinitely dangerous.

  2. Just sayin’ if grandma just wants a portable netflix device, an android device will work just was well. I have sprint and they are giving away tab 3’s if you get a data plan.