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Consistently entertaining and surprisingly educational.

DVD Review: Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! A Tale of Tails

Written by Caballero Oscuro

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! takes place in a candy-colored land where almost everything including the characters is made out of rounded-off right angles, giving it a highly distinctive and fresh look. Its title character is an adorably squat yellow critter with an abnormally long tail used to great effect to punctuate his speech, convey his mood, and bounce around town like a modern-day Tigger. The "Wow" comes from his most common expression, one that never annoys thanks to sparing use. His best friends are a handyman pink rabbit named Widget and a brainy little purple creature named Wendell.

This debut selection of episodes released on DVD is consistently entertaining and surprisingly educational, with a strong emphasis placed on teaching proper manners and the consequences of poor actions. It’s a sweet-hearted show with no violence and a relatively gentle pace in spite of its occasionally manic nature. In brief, it’s feel-good fun for the whole family, with visual flair and a cheery nature that make it completely unobjectionable for many repeat viewings.

Each half-hour episode contains two shorts. The new DVD contains a total of four episodes. One of them is labeled as a bonus episode, but it plays in sequence immediately after the others so viewers don’t have to navigate anywhere else to find it. Episode summaries as follows:

"A Tale of Tails" – Wubbzy can’t find any kids willing to play kickety-kick ball with him because of his freakishly long tail, so he asks his pal Widget to fix it, but eventually has to use it to help Wendell dismantle a malfunctioning robot chicken.

"Special Delivery" – Wubbzy receives a Tooty-Toot Turbo Train intended for Walden and can’t resist opening it, setting off a chain of misadventures when the speedy engine gets away.

"Widget’s Wild Ride" – Wubbzy asks Widget to fix up a car for a race, but Widget can’t resist obsessively tuning and re-tuning it until it barely resembles a car.

"Attack of the 50-Foot Fleegle" – Wubbzy gets a tiny new pet but doesn’t pay attention to how to take care of it, leading to disastrous results.

"Come Spy With Me" – When Walden won’t tell them what he’s doing, Wubbzy and Widget pretend to be spies to follow him, ruining the surprise he was planning for them.

"Wubbzy Tells a Whopper" – Wubbzy tries to convince his friends of the existence of a scary monster in town, a classic "boy who cried wolf" tale that ends as expected.

"Mt. Fizzy Pop" – The gang ventures to the top of Wuzzleburg’s local mountain where their experiment results in some delicious results for the townfolk.

"Puddle Muddle" – a focus on Wubbzy’s individuality, as he’s well-known for his interesting fashion sense and never afraid to try new things. The episode ends with this disc’s most catchy song, "Kooky is Cool."

In addition to the episodes, it includes one of the songs recut as a music video, a ring toss game, and some handy printable art for coloring fun, connect the dots, colored decorations, and a customizable invitation. Its DVD case is also housed in an eye-catching lenticular slipcase, providing some external eye candy to match the visual delights inside.

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