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Blue Bloods: The Second Season is packed with deleted scenes and special features.

DVD Review: Blue Bloods: The Second Season

The second season of the hit CBS drama, Blue Bloods, starring Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg, Bridget Moynahan, and Will Estes was recently released on DVD.

During its second season, Blue Bloods proves to be much more than your average cop drama. The latest season sees the Reagan family persevere through various challenges thrown their way. From NYPD officer Jamie Reagan (Estes) going undercover and infiltrating a mafia family to assistant district attorney Erin Reagan-Boyle (Moynahan) being charmed by wanted thief Jacob Krystal to detective Danny Reagan (Wahlberg) still struggling to find balance between his work life and his home life; season two further showcases how the tight-knit Reagan family is affected by and deals with different incidents and cases.

One of the episodes that stands out is  “Reagan vs. Reagan.” Erin and Danny find themselves at odds during a murder trial, where Erin is prosecuting a woman that has been accused of killing her rich husband, Samuel Delamar. After the wife’s attorney is unexpectedly murdered, Danny and his partner Jackie (Jennifer Esposito) start tracking down a person called “M” who sent a suspicious text to the lawyer before he was killed. “M,” which stands for Monroe, also happened to be an associate of the dead husband.  Danny’s investigation throws a wrench in Erin’s case when he reveals on the stand that he thinks its possible that Monroe could have killed Delamar and not the wife.

I really enjoy the intensity that this episode brings with two of the Reagan siblings going head-to-head. Throughout the season, the audience sees Erin and Danny work together in some cases when he needs warrants granted to pursue leads in his investigations, but to see them butt heads in court and again at the Reagan family dinner table makes for good television. Plus, the performances from both Wahlberg and Moynahan are fantastic. They both have a great dynamic on screen together, and even when their characters are at odds, they are entertaining to watch.

In addition to releasing the season’s 22 episodes on DVD, the set also includes stellar special features — there is audio commentary for episodes “Moonlighting” and “The Job,” various vignettes with behind-the-scenes footage, and a season two gag reel.

One of the vignettes in particular is enjoyable. “Keeping it Real, Season 2,” focuses on the cast and crew working with the show’s Technical Advisor Jim Nuciforo. The show’s producers and cast weigh in on Nuciforo’s role and how his experience and knowledge makes the episodes feel as real and as accurate as possible. Even a casual Blue Bloods viewer will be able to appreciate this informative inside look at the show.

Another entertaining and informative vignette is “A Higher Standard: The Story of the Reagans, Season 2 (Part 1 & Part 2).” During this two-part feature, you hear from various members of the cast about the show and its big move to Friday nights and the loyalty they felt from the show’s fans during that time. There are interviews with Selleck, Wahlberg, Moynahan, Estes, as well as Len Cariou (Henry Reagan) and Sami Gayle (Nicky Reagan-Boyle).  

Other vignettes include: “Meet the Maestro – Tony Bennett on Blue Bloods” and “On the Set with Donnie & Will.”

Another aspect about the DVD set that fans will enjoy is how the menu is set up to access deleted scenes. Each disc contains deleted scenes for the episodes for that specific disc.  This, it seems to me, is a much better option than having all the deleted scenes on a single, extra, bonus disc.

The episodes are presented in 16×9 full frame with English 5.1 and English Stereo sound. It also includes English SDH, Spanish, and Portuguese subtitles. The complete running time is approximately 926 minutes.

Overall, Blue Bloods: The Second Season is a great DVD set for television fans to add to their collection. From the dramatic episodes to the special features, the audience truly gets a well-rounded look at the second season of the series.

Blue Bloods: The Second Season is available now. The season three premiere airs Friday, September 28 at 10 p.m. on CBS.

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