Monday , May 27 2024
Need to update your gaming setup? Check out this new contest.

Dr. Pepper Ultimate Gaming House Contest

Do you ever come home and look at your gaming setup with a sigh and wish you could game in style? I think most of us wish we had the ultimate gaming setup and there is a new contest that is promising just that.

Dr. Pepper and Major League Gaming are running an interactive new contest appropriately called 'Dr Pepper's Ultimate Gaming House'. They are looking for everyday people to submit a video of 90 seconds or less explaining why they should get a complete gaming transformation.

Do you game on a small TV in a corner? Is your Xbox 360 broken? Is your gaming chair a stack of milk cartons? Be creative, be honest and create a short video explaining your passion about games and why you should get the Ultimate Gaming House upgrade.

Not only will a crew come in and transform your gaming room into something all your friends will drool over, they will film the process and feature it on Not only will you game in style, but you will be an Internet star as well!

The contest will have four winners and the current submission period will last until June 23, 2009. A nice thing about the contest is that your video is active for the entire event so there is no need to resubmit.

There has already been one winner, Andrew Flynn from Nutley, NJ and you can see a sneak peek at his upgrade on the main contest page.

What are you waiting for? Pull out your webcam, camera phone or video camera and make a great video submission which can be submitted on the main contest page. A little effort could have a great payoff. Full details on the contest can also be found on the main contest page.

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A longtime video game fan starting from simple games on the Atari 2600 to newer titles on a bleeding edge PC I play everything I can get my hands on.

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