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Faith Counts Holds Third Annual ‘Film Your Faith’ Video Contest, the fastest-growing multi-faith online platform, will begin its third annual “Film Your Faith” video contest on April 3, 2018 with $32,500 in prizes for the best 2-minute-or-less film that showcases the positive power of faith. The deadline for entries will be May 19, 2018.

After the deadline passes, judges will narrow the field to 10 finalists, then select a $20,000 Grand Prize winner. Honorable Mention will win $2,500. Also, voting will open to select a fan favorite from the eight remaining films with a $10,000 prize.

This judging panel currently includes:

Rich Peluso, Executive Vice President, AFFIRM Films
Steve Taylor, film producer (Blue Like Jazz)
Kam Williams, Rotten Tomatoes critic
Matt Baer, film producer (Unbroken)
Simon Rivera, 2017 Film Your Faith grand-prize winner for Common Thread
Bob Waliszewski, director of Plugged In

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“Storytelling through videography allows me to express my creativity in a way that captures emotions and feelings that words alone sometimes fail to convey,” Rivera said. “The Faith Counts video contest appealed to me because it provided a platform to not only exercise this creativity but to do so on the subject of faith, which is the foundation of my worldview and personal beliefs.”

Faith Counts, LLC is a nonprofit, non-denominational organization comprised of faith communities representing nearly 100 million Americans. We’ve come together to share a simple message that “faith counts.”

In 2014, several faith leaders came together to address a trend of declining church attendance and declining religiosity. They saw how an increasingly secular culture left too many people in a spiritual void that excludes them from meaningful, deep connections to the people and world around them.

Online, they saw how young people were willing to share quite literally every personal, intimate detail of their lives—except the details of their faith. There was and is a growing sense that faith should somehow be kept private. Many are reluctant or even embarrassed to share how their faith makes them who they are.

While each of their respective denominations was doing their own outreach to combat these issues, the faith leaders knew they would be more effective working together. And so, Faith Counts was launched in October 2014 as an attempt to positively influence the culture and to gently remind people that faith is a good thing.


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