Thursday , June 13 2024
Let's talk 'toons! TV Chatterbox: Let's Talk TV's weekly LiveChat is talking animated! Join us at 7PM ET!

Chatterbox: Let’s Talk TV is on the Air Talking about Animated Sitcoms!

Please join us at 7:00 p.m. ET for tonight’s edition of Chatterbox: Let’s Talk TV live on Blogcritics. Your hosts are Co-Executive Editor Barbara Barnett and Blogcritics TV Writer JeromeWetzelTV (otherwise known as James Dailey).

Although TV seems dominated these days by too much reality TV, Sunday nights are the land of not-so-reality TV. With FOX Network’s “Animation Domination” lineup of cartoony sitcoms from the classic series The Simpsons to the Family Guy, and although it’s not an animated series, ABC’s Once Upon a Time is as far from reality as any animated series can be.

Tonight’s Chatterbox LiveChat Event will focus on the animated: from tonight’s fare to the latest South Park episode and even Adult Swim on Comedy Central, we’ll talk ‘toons.

Even if today’s cartoon fare is not your cup of tea, join in and tell us your favorite animated series from days gone by. Do the Peanuts holiday programs still make you tear up? Do you long for Rocky and Bullwinkle to come back in a reunion special? Does nothing hold a candle (or lit stick of dynamite) to Bugs Bunny or Wiley Coyote?

We’ll cover them all in our one-hour live chat. So join us at 7:00 p.m. ET (and spread the word!).

About Barbara Barnett

A Jewish mother and (young 🙃) grandmother, Barbara Barnett is an author and professional Hazzan (Cantor). A member of the Conservative Movement's Cantors Assembly and the Jewish Renewal movement's clergy association OHALAH, the clergy association of the Jewish Renewal movement. In her other life, she is a critically acclaimed fantasy/science fiction author as well as the author of a non-fiction exploration of the TV series House, M.D. and contributor to the book Spiritual Pregnancy. She Publisher/Executive Editor of Blogcritics, (

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