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Bush Bash 2003

Michael Graham invites you to bash Bush with all your might today at 5pm (eastern):

    As a member of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy and (horrors!) an employee of Clear Channel Radio, I am regularly confronted with the argument that we conservatives/corporate lackeys of the Bush Administration are squelching debate, supressing speech and systematically denying the American Left a voice in the public arena.

    While it is true that I do not play the Dixie Chicks on my daily radio show, it is also true that I don’t play “Dixie,” either. It’s a talk show, so we don’t really play much music at all.

    But I’m so exasperated by the idiotic notions that a) anyone at Clear Channel cares what I talk about as long as they keep making money; and b) the ideology that controls the news rooms of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Time, Newsweek and 80% of American newspapers (and ALL of PBS/NPR) is being blocked out of the media, that I have decided to offer this special opportunity:

    Wednesday, July 30, 2003:

    It’s BUSH BASH 2003
    Live on Clear Channel Radio
    in Richmond Virginia!
    5pm EDT (drive time!)
    On the Michael Graham Experience
    AM 1140 WRVA in Richmond, VA

    Any and all callers critical of President Bush and his policies will be given the opportunity to speak their minds. Only three rules:

    * No profanity.
    * No slander.
    * No “No War For Oil” idiots (this pathetic argument is simply too irrational to waste time on).

    No liberal will be turned away. No Bush hater will be barred. No whiny lefty left out. It’s the BUSH BASH 2003!

    And the best Bush Basher will get a Bush Bash Prize Bag from WRVA.

    We’re 1140 on the AM dial. The number to call is (804) 345-1140. Tell all your liberal friends and….BE THERE! It’s a total and utter Bush Bash-O-Rama!

I can think of a Blogcritic or two and a few readers who may be interested in this.

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