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An entertaining and educational book that is sure to bring a huge smile to your child’s face.

Book Review: Stella The Fire Farting Dragon by J. Aday Kennedy

One of the nicest perks of being a published children’s author is the opportunity to read and review other author’s books.

Today, I had the chance to read J. Aday Kennedy’s newly released Stella the Fire Farting Dragon. This delightful book is not only well written but will keep you laughing as well.

Ms. Kennedy introduces us to the loveable characters, Stella and her buddy Allen. Stella Dragon wants to participate in The Dragon Realms Talent Contest. Stella Dragon has a problem with passing gas due to a nervous tummy.

What will Stella Dragon do? Will she enter the contest and risk getting embarrassed by letting out an uncontrollable Brrrrt! and stink up the place?

Allen is Stella Dragon’s best friend; he encourages Stella Dragon to enter the contest.

This charming book will warm the hearts of many children. What stood very well with me were the lessons young children can learn from reading the book.

Here are some examples:
Value of friendship — Allen stands by Stella Dragon and encourages her even though she has a problem with farting.

Helping Others — Allen decides to help his friend by making him treats and helping him practice for the contest.

Perseverance — Allen cheers his buddy and says, “No matter what happens keep flying”

It was a tremendous honor to read a review this outstanding book. Jack Foster’s illustrations elevated the story and made it jump of the page.

Reading should be fun; Stella the Fire Farting Dragon is an entertaining and educational book that is sure to bring a huge smile to your child’s face.

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