Thursday , May 23 2024
Funky, fast and reading like some amazing combination of the very best bits of Jeff Lindsay's Dexter and Charlene Harris's True Blood... with zombies.

Book Review: Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues by Dana Rowland

Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues by Dana Rowland is just, well, weird. What it also is, is a blast to read, though, so aside from the whole “cute young girl zombie who eats brains and has a whole lot of mayhem, mischief and murder going on all around her while she simply tries to survive her (non)life all while not violating her parole” it’s got that going for it.

So, even the least astute of readers should easily be able to deduce that this is yet one more addition to the current zombie fiction genre. Everywhere you look on the bookshelves, it seems, there are zombies.

Admit it!

What’s not there on all those shelves and between the covers of all these books, however, is a good story with compelling characters that is truly and honestly well written. As luck would have it this is something that Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues  has in spades.

It turns out that there is a hell of a talented brain churning out this book of brain munching goodness.

Angel is a young zombie that is dealing with the fallout of a few choices that left her dealing outside the bounds of the legal system all while trying to stay alive… or at least non-alive but in a still-moving-and-living-my-life kind of way. Which is why she’s on probation and why she’s doing her damnedest to keep her nose clean and keep her job as an assistant to the local coroner.

Well, a girl has to have some access to brains that doesn’t violate her parole in a blatantly obvious way, doesn’t she?

Monkey wrenches, or at least the zombie wrenches, are thrown into those plans as the simple discovery that a dead body doesn’t smell all that “brainy” even though the skull was fractured and should have smelled like a smorgasbord to her finely tuned cerebral palate, spiral Angel down a path laden with even more zombies, armed robbery, evil madmen intent on causing, well, evil, on an amazingly ambitious level.

All of which, mind you, putting her probation in serious jeopardy as it leaves our zombie heroine very little time to study for her G.E.D., without which she knows she’s headed for a date with her parole being pulled out from under her.

Did I mention her boyfriend is also a zombie and that his uncle (another zombie) have also entwined another tangle of motive and danger around her life that at times it’s hard to tell if the madman is the only one walking the path of doing evil? No, well I just did.

Fun, funky, fast, and reading like some amazing combination of the very best bits of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter series and Charlene Harris’s True Blood series, Dana Rowland’s Even White Trash Zombies Get The Blues is just a fast and furiously good read.

It’s good for your brains!


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