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Mary Ann Robbat shares an elegant approach and a three-step process for implementing lasting change in your life.

Book Review: Engaging Your Power: Using Your Divine Energy to Have the Life You Want by Mary Ann Robbat

You can have the life you want. That’s the big message in a new self-development guide by energy healer and coach Mary Ann Robbat.

In Engaging Your Power: Using Your Divine Energy to Have the Life You Want, Robbat shares the successful approach she’s used with hundreds of clients and taught to scores of healthcare professionals at the well-known Robbat Center for Advancement of Energy Healing in Lincoln, Massachusetts.

Robbat says she spent years watching clients struggle with career dissatisfaction, unfulfilling relationships, weight and health issues, money problems, and other common obstacles to happiness and success. Her eureka moment happened when she discovered that the key to helping people implement lasting and dramatic change in their lives involved a three-step process, now known as the Success Triad.

In Engaging Your Power, Robbat describes the principles behind the Success Triad and then walks readers through each part. Along the way, she presents client success stories showing how the process works in real life, and provides original, hands-on exercises to help readers understand and master each step.

Once you engage all three systems of the Success Triad, obstacles that seemed insurmountable disappear, according to Robbat. She’s seen hundreds of people change careers, make more money, attract long-term committed relationships, resolve body image and health problems, and transform negative emotions and situations in their life into positive, uplifting states by working through the Success Triad.

In brief, the three pillars of the Success Triad are the energy system, the belief system, and the manifestation system. Here’s a brief rundown of each.

The Energy System: Robbat says you can’t change deeply entrenched patterns of behavior until you do body work that helps you locate where your energy is stuck; identify how those energy blocks affect your moods, thoughts, and behaviors; and learn how to get energy flowing freely through your body. Readers who are unfamiliar with energy healing and basic therapeutic bodywork will be wowed by Robbat’s simple, fun, and powerful exercises that help you feel and work with your own three energy fields.

The Belief System: Next, she shows you how to identify the beliefs that guide you and how they originally formed. We pick up beliefs, consciously or not, from our family, culture, religion, the media, early experiences, and many other places. Until you discover how your beliefs affect your day-to-day behaviors and moods — and how these beliefs are expressed energetically in your body — Robbat says you won’t be able to make lasting changes in your life. She helps you find out which beliefs are standing between you and the life you want, and shows you how to let go of them so you can release their hold on you.

The Manifestation System: Finally, after walking you through the first two parts of the Success Triad, Robbat shows you how to identify and articulate precisely what you desire, create a list of short- and long-term intentions, and practice sending out requests to the universe so you can get what you really want in life.

If this sounds new-agey, well, it is. However, this well-written, thoughtful guide is based on an elegant, tried-and-true methodology that has a great track record of success and is sensible, practical, and easy to do.

By implementing the three-part Success Triad, Robbat says you’ll discover how to harness your energy so it’s working for you, shift beliefs that are keeping you stuck, and become a powerful “manifestor” — a person who knows how to turn dreams of an ideal life into reality.

People who live the lives they want — lives they’ve imagined and consciously created — are full of vibrant energy, excited about their future, at ease with who they are, and very attractive to others. Achieving this kind of life goes beyond material success; it’s the root of real happiness, joy, and peacefulness. Engaging Your Power can help you create this kind of life for yourself.

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