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A story within a story, rich in belief.

Book Review: Earth Is Not Alone by John Knapp II

In a world damaged by progress, life continues in pockets and territories throughout the earth. Power is no longer available, having been destroyed by an electromagnetic pulse. In this new earth, time is now viewed as BEMP and AEMP. It is here in AEMP that the story begins in the newly formed Susquehanna territory of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Two students are accused by their science teacher Marvin Cample of cheating. Both students, Michael Hammond and Triana Simms, are not just honor students but also true believers of God and adopted by the local Pastor Dr. Jonas Harwell. Michael has been with Jonas for several years, and Triana is a very recent adoptee. What makes the accusation unfair is that they are accused of cheating off the other, and neither has yet spent any time together.

Trina is almost blind and wears the thickest set of glasses Michael has ever seen. The assignment they were writing was to be a story of folklore. As Mr. Cample begins to address the transgression, Jonas comes to the school to pick up Michael and Trina; here he too learns of this accusation. Jonas makes the suggestion of Mr. Cample coming to their home to discuss the situation further. It is here that the stories are read and compared to each other.

Each story in and of itself is a marvelous tale of another world and their belief in their God and God son. The story written by Triana tells a tale of a world in change, and how one family, through faith, is saved when their kingdom is destroyed. All but one of the members is killed on their journey to seek the Emperor, by the scourges that cover their world. Prince Fairold the younger son is the only survivor.

Marvin Cample then has them read the tale by Michael. This is where Mr. Cample thinks he has found the seeds of deceit. The story written by Michael is about a family that has become the ruler of the city of Zareba. A Prince Fairold is holding the city for his friend the Emperor. His son Prince Gavin is learning the ropes of being a royal, and there has been peace in the land for years. This city is known as the last resting place of the God Son and is therefore revered by the Emperor. This story is also the story of coming war and those who choose to not believe. It appears to be a continuation of the story from Triana.

What comes of this meeting is as amazing as each of the tales being told. How does one single God and God Son become available to the entire universe? Is there really life on the other planets and do they truly have the same belief system in the same God that we do? Is Triana, as is suspected by Mr. Cample and Michael, possibly from one of these other planets?

This is a wonderful story within a story. Each and of themselves the stories are unique and well written, tie them in with the overall possibilities, and it all becomes an incredible experience of belief. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. The possibilities are endless.


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