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Tyler Durman's Birthday Suit will inspire you, make you laugh, and leave you wanting more.

Book Review: Birthday Suit by Tyler Durman

Tyler Durman has been brought low and raised high in his life. He has had amazing adventures. A gifted storyteller who has told his stories to over 200,000 students and adults, he shares them with even more of us in his book, Birthday Suit.

Birthday Suit is a short book, and very easy to read. You can probably finish it in a day. But you will remember it for a very long time.

While Durman’s stories are raw and honest and recount his stories and those of the people he has encountered in his life. Whether he is dealing with failure or success, loss or redemption, he always maintains his sense of humor. Durman’s extreme OCD once led him to go naked whenever he was at home just to keep visitors from coming around. He has spoken about sex in a girls’ school run by nuns, and he has nearly been killed by a hippo in Africa — and those are just a few of the stories he tells here.

Tyler Durman has a wonderful way of connecting with people and that same connection is obvious in this book. He has fallen very far in his life and suffered a crisis of faith, failed marriage, homelessness, and for many years a secret and difficult mental disorder. Yet, all of this taught him wisdom, empathy and the ability to laugh at himself and with others. He uses that wisdom to help other people learn how to embrace forgiveness and find hope, and does it all with absolutely no preachy manner or pedantic style.

Birthday Suit is a book that everyone will enjoy, men, women and young adults. You will be touched and inspired, but you will also laugh out loud. Get it for yourself, and pass it along to your friends. They will thank you for it.

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