Sunday , September 19 2021
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Blogcritics Goodie Bag: Saso, Outrage, Deep Cut, No Wait Wait, and Justin Timberlake

Hauntingly acoustic while at the same time being experimentally electronic, Saso, are no ordinary band. Hailing from Dublin, they have been dipped in the bath of critical acclaim with everyone getting hot and bothered over their first two long-players, so check out a few streaming tracks from them.

Brace yourself world, Louis and Chez Davis are coming to get you. Sounding like Blink 182 on double helium, 13-year-old vocalist Chez and his 18-year-old brother are going somewhere with their band, Outrage.

Mat Flint, bassist for Death In Vegas and member of shoegazing Revolver, serves up solo fruit in the shape of Deep Cut, who do a nifty line in 21st century Motown resplendent with thumping drum licks and guitars pilled up to the eyeballs. He is currently recording with DIV's Tim Holmes and has made a few demos available.

Last week we gave you a link to stream Duluth rockers No Wait Wait's album About You. This week we have three free downloads from the band: "Don't Give Up (On Your Man)," "All That There Was," and "Amends."

Check out the world premiere of Justin Timberlake's new video "Let Me Talk To You/My Love" featuring TI.

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