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The BC Radio Podcast has relaunched with appearances by Eric Olsen, Eric Berlin, Joan Hunt, Matt Sussman, Mary K. Williams, and the Duke from yon Emerald Shores - listen and be edified!

BC Radio – March 6, 2006

The return of BC Radio!

This is the RSS feed location for BC Radio if you would like to subscribe to the show. Input that address in iTunes or your favorite RSS aggregator and you will never miss a single episode. Instructions for subscribing in iTunes can be found at the bottom of this post.

Not a subscriber? Download the MP3s:

BC Radio – March 6, 2006: You won’t be able to accuse us of shortchanging you! This March 6 edition clocks in at 90 big minutes.

For those of you with shorter attention spans, you can download the podcast in bite-size pieces:

A description of those segments follows:

SEGMENT 1 – Intro/EO: Eric Olsen checks in and gives all the inside information on the happenings of the site.

SEGMENT 2 – Suss on Sports: Matt Sussman, Blogcritics Sports Editor, and I give our American League predictions for the upcoming baseball season and try though I might I could not stop him from talking Curling. Suss wrote a lot about curling during the Winter Olympics. [Sussman’s home blog]

SEGMENT 3 – BC on the Blues: Joan Hunt and I have our first of an ongoing series of conversations about our passion for the music and the artists. Joan mentions The Blues Music Awards during our conversation. This is the article she wrote for Blogcritics about the nominees. [Joan’s home blog]

SEGMENT 4 – The Big Picture with Eric Berlin: Eric Berlin and I try to make sense of all of humanity and answer the fundamental question: Do people care? [EB’s home blog]

SEGMENT 5 – A Segment About Nothing: Mary Williams and I discuss 24 and for some reason I could not stop myself from doing daft impersonations and accents. This is Mary’s most recent 24 column. [Mary’s home blog]

SEGMENT 6 – BC Foreign Affairs: One of the perks of being host of BC Radio is the ability to confer titles upon my contributors. The Duke De Mondo checks in from N. Ireland to explain, of all damn things, Ireland. This segment features the occasional utterance of profanity. The Duke just finished writing about Brokeback Mountain. [The Duke’s home blog]

BONUS SEGMENT: If you have a strong constitution and like the excerpted version of “The Big Picture” discussion between Eric Berlin and I, you can download the unedited version here. The Big Picture – Full

I mentioned The Editors’ Picks. The author bio at the bottom of this page will help you find my web home.

To subscribe to the show in iTunes:

Right-click on this link. DO NOT LEFT-CLICK as you will get a screen full of gibberish. When you left-click the link you should select “Copy Link Location” (if you are a Firefox user) or “Copy Shortcut” (if you are an Internet Explorer user).

Open the iTunes software application. There should be a purple “Podcasts” icon in the upper-left-hand portion of the screen (underneath the gold “Library” icon).

Highlight the “Podcast” icon.

Press CTRL+U. This should open a small window asking you to enter a URL.

Press CTRL+V. This should paste the URL of the above link. If it does not, simply input the following:

You should now be subscribed to BC Radio and can configure the subscription settings within iTunes to your preference.

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