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Patrick Swayze is heading to television; we're here to get you prepped.

BC Helps You Gear up for Patrick Swayze’s The Beast

Oh admit it, it's okay. We all know it's true, you're a dirty dancer. You've been a dirty dancer for years, you make absolutely sure that no one ever puts you in a corner. You are, as the kids say (if the kids say it… I'm just kind of guessing), a beast. You like to think of yourself as a ghost, you visit road houses on a regular basis, you've even gone surfing after robbing a bank wearing a mask with the face of a president on it. You're not so much into swaying as Swayze-ing.

We hear you. We know where you're coming from. We've never been big dancing fans (dirty or clean), but we get it. We understand what it's all about. And, what's more, we're here to help you with your little addiction.

In case you don't know, A&E is getting ready to premiere its latest drama series. The show, entitled The Beast, features none other than Mr. Patrick Swayze himself as an FBI agent. It starts mid-January (the 15th at 10pm to be specific), and co-stars Travis Fimmel as a young FBI pup. Or, as the promotional copy states:

The Beast, starring Patrick Swayze and Travis Fimmel, centers on an unorthodox but effective FBI veteran, Charles Barker (Swayze), who takes on a rookie partner, Ellis Dove (Fimmel), to train in his hard-edged and psychologically clever style of agenting. The mischievous veteran hazes his new partner as they work undercover, brilliantly manipulating situations, constantly testing his new partner and pushing him to delve deeper into his "roles." As Dove realizes he can no longer maintain normal relationships and still do his job, the rookie is confronted with yet another challenge: An FBI team trying to enlist him as a double-agent in the bureau's investigation of his partner. Don’t miss the premiere of this hard-hitting drama, Thursday, January 15th at 10pm ET/PT only on A&E.

See? That's more or less what I said (just in more depth).

Now, why do I tell you all of this? Well, because we're going to give you the opportunity to win some fantastic The Beast/Patrick Swayze stuff. What we've got are two prize packs, each containing a Beast jacket, a Beast t-shirt, a Beast hat, and the following Patrick Swayze DVDs: Ghost, Dirty Dancing, Road House, and Point Break. Will that satiate your Swayze craving (provided you win, of course)?

Well, we do have some rules (these plus the ones on the entry page):

  • Fill out the entry form.
  • Entries must be received by January 8, 2009.
  • The winner will be drawn on or after January 9, 2009.
  • The winner will be notified by e-mail and in the comments section below.
  • You must be a U.S. resident to enter.

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