Friday , December 15 2017
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Patricia Gale

Patricia Gale has written and ghostwritten hundreds of blogs and articles that have appeared on sites such as Psychology Today, Forbes, and Huffington Post, and in countless national newspapers and magazines. Her “beat” is health, business, career, self-help, parenting, and relationships.

Interview: Richard Lindenmuth, Interim CEO and author of ‘The Outside the Box Executive’

Interim CEOs are like the Navy Seals of company executives. Patricia Gale sat down with Richard Lindenmuth to talk about leading under pressure, how overcomes everything from drought to jittery employees, and his book, "The Outside the Box Executive".

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Book Review: ‘Education4Knees: Everything You Need to Know for Happy, Healthy and Pain-Free Knees,’ by Gregory M. Martin, M.D.

'Education4Knees' is a new book by Dr. Gregory Martin that takes the mystery out of knee pain. And as this prominent orthopedic surgeon writes, you may not need surgery at all.

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Book Review: ‘Living a Healthy Life with HIV’ by Allison Webel, RN, PhD, et al.

This self-management bible for those living with HIV has been updated with the latest medical advice. Written by a team of authors who pioneered the concept of self-management for those living with chronic diseases, it's as practical and helpful as it is upbeat.

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Book Review: ‘My Mother, My Mentor,’ by Pamela F. Lenehan

Children of working mothers are thriving and beautifully positioned for adulthood, according to a new book by former Wall Street executive Pamela F. Lenehan in "My Mother, My Mentor" which shows that integrating career and family benefits kids — and in some surprising ways.

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