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How many more next years can there be? When does this year ever become the next year we hoped it would be?

As Gang Green Turns: Jets 24-19 Loss to Steelers Ends the Green Dream

Whether Jets head coach Rex Ryan realizes it or not, all that talking kind of takes its toll. The Jets were really good talkers, sometimes in a yada-yada-yada kind of way. Ryan and his guys talked so much they gave those ladies on The View a run for their money. Even Joy (there’s no key to turn off my mouth) Behar can’t compete with the likes of Rex, but then again she doesn’t have to go out on a field and prove something every week the way he does, so it is kind of funny when Joy goes off, but not so much when Rex does.

Ryan talked a good talk all season (and even during the preseason on the HBO series Hard Knocks), but in the end all the swagger kind of caught up with him and the team. You can just get by so long on being verbose when you have to throw or run a football.

What did the Jets in yesterday was a combination of too much sound and not enough fury. The great writer William Shakespeare wrote about a tale told by an idiot that was full of sound and fury but signified nothing. In essence these words from Macbeth can be applied to Ryan, who strove to take the castle and then the kingdom, but forgot that words are fine in dramas but not as important on the playing field.

If Jets fans weren’t ready to pack it in at the half (when their team was down 24-3), it is only because we have seen it all before. It’s the old Tug McGraw “You gotta believe” mentality, and we Jets fans as well as Mets fans have been suckered by the concept of being the underdog and loving it. Well, as good old Maxwell Smart (played by Don Adams on the great television show Get Smart) used to say, “Missed it by that much.” We go home and they move forward and that’s that.

Sure, we fans got into the second half. The Jets defense did what it should have done in the first half. They had Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger falling apart at the seams, but that is the problem with the Jets. They make you think the comeback is possible. They lull you into hoping that there will be one more pass, one more play, the Nick Folk field goal that just makes it to win with zero seconds left.

Alas, no storybook endings happened in Pittsburgh. The better team is going to the Super Bowl; Gang Green gets to stay home and watch all those expensive commercials and drown their sorrows in beverages of their choice. In the end Mark Sanchez was no Joe Namath on this day, though he played valiantly and would have had a chance if the defense played the first half right. Instead, Sanchez gets to rest a sore shoulder and Ryan his wounded ego.

Now that we have seen the Jets get to the AFC Championship game two years in a row and not move on, we fans are going to expect much more next year. Yes, we Mets and Jets fans are always looking at calendars and dreaming. How many more more next years can there be? When does this year ever become the next year we hoped it would be?

The soap opera As Gang Green Turns now goes on hiatus. One can only wonder what will happen? Will some of the cast be let go? Will new characters be brought in? Maybe the most important question is this: what will Rex Ryan do to engineer a team that will allow Jets fans to not only believe in the dream but to see it realized in February 2012?


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