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This week's non-shocking results show included performances by Adam Lambert, Brooke White, and Justin Gaston.

American Idol Double Elimination Night: Dun-Dun-Dun!

This week's American Idol results show was anything but shocking. I think the word Ryan Seacrest used last night was "dramatic," yet the results were pretty expected.

The first performance of the night came from the Top Nine. They lip synced their way through a medley of Elvis hits. Seriously, this needs to stop. The lip syncing was so bad. I don't want to watch a bad live music video every week. The lip syncing to me goes against everything that Idol is supposed to be about. I don't need a Milli Vanilli re-enactment every week. I think until the contestants are deemed competent enough by the powers that be to perform group numbers with the microphones turned on that they should consider just not doing them.

It was around 20 minutes into the broadcast before the first elimination. Ryan let the audience know that it was Andrew Garcia who would be the first eliminated that night. Andrew chose to reprise "You Give Me Something." I figured he would want to go out on a high note and perform "Straight Up" or "Forever." I guess not. The way he was moving around the stage, it sort of seemed that he could care less that he had been eliminated.

The next performance that we were treated to came from Idol season seven's Brooke White and Justin Gaston, who is in the web series If I Can Dream. By what was probably not a coincidence at all, the two did a duet to the Elvis song, "If I Can Dream."

That performance was a hot mess. I wish they had had Brooke come back and perform a song from her album, High Hopes And Heartbreak to give her a sales boost, instead of having her sing with the former Mr. Miley Cyrus, who I am deeming responsible for making the performance unbearable to listen to.

Next we found out it would be either Tim Urban, Mike Lynche or Katie Stevens who would be the second elimination of the night. Big shock there. There were reasons for each of them that could lead to a possible elimination. Tim's time was finally up, Mike has a lousy attitude, and Katie picks the wrong songs to sing. But before we found out who was going to be the next contestant to bite the dust, the Idols' mentor for the week was going to take the stage.

Adam Lambert hit the stage with lasers and smoke to perform his latest single, "What Do You Want From Me." His performance was nothing short of amazing. He hit the Idol stage with such presence, I could sense the excitement of the audience from watching the show at home. I am really happy that this song wound up being a single for Adam, it suits him very well. I loved how the music was mixed last night to make the song edgier. It was definitely one of my favorite performances from a returning Idol contestant this season.

Following Adam's performance, Ryan brought back out the bottom three. He then told Tim to smile, because he was safe. It came down to Mike and Katie. Ryan then said one of them was not even in the bottom three. And then we found out that Katie was the second elimination that week.

She chose to reprise "Let It Be," and due to fighting back tears for the entire performance, her vocal sounded pretty heinous. And that just made me wish she had chosen a different song to reprise. (I know, I know. But, it was really bad!)

The results last night were completely not shocking. I would have loved to have seen Mike get the boot, but I think his time is coming sooner than later. I think Mike's attitude is making way for Tim to jump ahead in the competition.

Next week the theme will be "Inspirational Songs," in lieu of Idol Gives Back. The Idols' mentor will be multiple Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys.

What did you think about the double elimination last night? Were you shocked about either contestant that got the boot?

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