Wednesday , April 17 2024
17-year-old Scotty McCreery was named winner of American Idol season 10.

American Idol: Baby Lock Them Doors – We Finally Have a Winner!

Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have our season 10 American Idol winner! After over 122 million votes being cast, Scotty McCreery was crowned this season’s American Idol.

I have to say that I was not shocked by this one bit. I figured the overpraising of Lauren Alaina during Tuesday night’s performance show would lead to a Scotty win, just based on how things have happened since season seven. David Archuleta, Adam Lambert, and Crystal Bowersox were all basically deemed the winner of their respective seasons during their final performance night, only to be revealed as the runner-up.

I think when you get to the Final 2 on Idol, it shows that those contestants deserve to be there. Or at the very least that their fans really want them there. Hats off to both Scotty and Lauren, but truth be told, I thought the right person won.

That said, I also thought Tuesday night’s performance show was the most boring Idol episode of the season. I liked both Scotty and Lauren’s personal choices, wasn’t crazy about either of their second songs, and I could only roll my eyes at the songs picked to be their singles. Of course they were going to be country songs, that I knew, but oh goodness, these songs are cheesy. Scotty’s “I Love You This Big” reminds me of a title of a children’s book. And Lauren’s “Like My Mother Does” was a track that can also be found on season seven Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook’s fail whale of an album, Why Wait.

I get that the contestants are supposed to have these over the top moments with their corronation song, but if the point is to sell these songs, then I would have chosen songs that people are going to want to listen to after the finale week has wrapped up. After hearing the songs during Tuesday night’s show, iTunes would have been the last place you would have found me.

But what Tuesday night’s show lacked in, Wednesday’s show made up for. I thought this year’s performers were great; I absolutely loved the girls’ medley with Beyonce. I also really liked the skit where Casey Abrams and James Durbin were arguing over who had the most shocking elimination. The best part was when Pia Toscano walked into the skit wearing a tiara and sash that read, “Most Shocking.” Well played, Idol.

The winning moment is always my favorite moment, and this season was no different. Ryan Seacrest read Scotty’s name, Lauren laid a kiss on him, and then Scotty sang his cheesy song while confetti and pyro went off around him. I’ll take it.

What did y’all think about Scotty McCreery as season 10’s American Idol? What was your favorite moment from Wednesday night’s show, and will you be tuning in for season 11?

Photo Credit: Michael Becker/FOX

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