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Here are 20 new DVD releases from Alpha, kids... many of which are new to home video!

Alpha Video Announces Its January ’09 Line-Up!

Alpha Video, the premiere budget DVD label, has announced its January titles, all of which will become available January 27, 2009. Titles include:

The Son Of Tarzan (1920)
– This 15-chapter Silent Serial finds Tarzan’s son, Korak (Kamuela C. Searle) being kidnapped from England by the Lord of Greystoke’s archenemy. Directed by Arthur J. Flaven and Harry Revier. Features an all-new music score by Marc Kaplan. (B&W)

Naked In The Night (1958)
– Eva Bartok and the great Heinz Drache star in this German-made film noir directed by Kurt Meisel. A police inspector investigates a big city prostitution ring. English Dubbed Version with scenes of nudity intact. (B&W)

Lights Out: Vol. 5 (1949-1952) – Four more vintage episodes of the Arch Oboler-inspired television series, chock full of mysterious terror-filled tales of the unexpected… and stars like Basil Rathbone, Robert Stack, John Carradine, and E.G. Marshall, too! (B&W)

Grindhouse Double Feature: Fright (1956)/Stark Fear (1962)Fright (1956); A woman believes herself to be the reincarnated spirit of an ancient prince’s lover. Eric Fleming and Nancy Malone star in this tale from Killers From Space director W. Lee Wilder. (B&W) PLUS – Stark Fear (1962); A sadistic husband mentally tortures his wife, while planning to murder her. The late Beverly Garland and Kenneth Tobey star. (B&W)

Circus Girl (1937) – Robert (“Stony Brook”) Livingston and Donald Cook are two high wire circus performers that vie for the affections of the same woman (June Travis) with disastrous results. (B&W)

Counterblast (1948) – British-made World War II fun with the Nazis attempting to destroy the whole world via a deadly virus. Re-released in 1953 as Devil’s Plot. (B&W)

The Flaming Signal (1933) – A pilot and his dog crash-land on an island run by madman Noah Beery. (B&W)

Seven Were Saved (1947)
– A Japanese colonel accused of war-crimes hijacks a military transport plane. Richard Denning and Richard Loo star. Directed by William H. Pine. (B&W)

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot: Vol. 2 (1956) & The Adventures of Sir Lancelot: Vol. 3 (1956) – William Russell returns in more classic episodes from the British action series depicting tales from the Knights of The Round Table. (B&W)

Roy Rogers with Dale Evans: Vol. 11 (1952) – Four episodes of the long-running Roy Rogers Show features Roy, Dale, Trigger and his “wonder dog,” Bullet. (B&W)

Corriganville (1960)
– A rare novelty featurette staring Ray “Crash” Corrigan, who gives a tour of his legendary film location ranch. BONUS FEATURE: Corrigan Trailers and Cowboy Coming Attractions. (Color & B&W)

Grindhouse Double Feature: Warriors Of The Wasteland (1982)/Cosmos: War Of The Planets (1977)Warriors Of The Wasteland (1982); Starring Fred Williamson/Directed by Enzo G. Castellari. After a nuclear holocaust, two mercenaries help wandering caravans fight off bands of murderous bikers. Fred “The Hammer” Williamson stars in Enzo G. Castellari's, um, “epic”. (Color) – PLUS – Cosmos: War Of The Planets (1977); A U.F.O. appears above the Antarctic with news of intergalactic war. John Richardson stars in one of many Italian sci/fi flicks from “Al Bradley” (Alfonso Brescia). (Color)

Heritage Of The Desert (1939)
– An easterner who returns to the desert decides to help a ranch family in conflict with rustlers. Donald Woods and Sidney (“Charlie Chan”) Toler star. (B&W)

Starlight Over Texas (1938) – Cowboy legend Tex Ritter is recruited to protect ranchers in this rare cowboy classic directed by Albert Herman. (B&W)

Tex Ritter Double Feature: Where The Buffalo Roam (1938)/Sundown On The Prairie (1939) – Cowboy hero Tex Ritter rides the range in two western classics co-starring Dave O’Brien and Horace Murphy. (B&W)

Roll Along Cowboy (1937)
– Singing cowboy Smith Ballew shows up to save the day at Mrs. Blake’s ranch. BONUS FEATURE: Western Movie Trailer. (B&W)

The Lion’s Den (1936) – Tim McCoy is mistaken for a hired killer by a gang of outlaws. Directed by cult fave Sam Newfield. (B&W)

Western Double Feature: This Man Can’t Die (1968)/Desperate Mission (1971)This Man Can’t Die (1968) – Spaghetti fare offers Guy Madison as a tough mercenary is offered a fortune in gold to capture the leader of a gang of cutthroats. (Color) PLUS: Desperate Mission (1971) – The late great Ricardo Montalban stars as a man joins a convoy to escort a wealthy man’s wife and a mysterious treasure to safety. (Color)

Wild Brian Kent (1936) – A scoundrel finds himself in love with a beautiful rancher in this action-packed western romance. Ralph Bellamy and Mae Clarke star. BONUS FEATURE: Includes Original Theatrical Trailer. (B&W)

These items (along with thousands of others) are available to order now from Alpha's website,, where you can take advantage of their magnificent 5 for $25 special (talk about a deal) and, best of all, by ordering from, you won't have to wait until January 27 to get these exciting titles!

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