Tuesday , October 26 2021

A Day in the Life

If you’re like I am, you often feel that life is passing by in a blur, rushing from the past to the future, rarely stopping for the present. One of the great things about blogging is that it slows, or at least documents, this rush.

Here is a project taking a photographic approach to documenting the present, coming up this Saturday, May 10th:

    the may day project is about collecting glimpses into people’s lives through photographs. whether they be self portraits, landscapes or macros, candid or posed, snapshots or something more creative – we want to see what your day was like saturday may 10th 2003.

    let us know that you’re up for the challenge and on may 10, take out your camera (digital or film) and snap a photo every hour or so showing what you were doing at that point of the day.

    for example, if i got up at 8am – i’ll take a photo to illustrate me waking up. if i went out for lunch at 1pm, i could take a photo of the restaurant. if i’m at a bar at 11pm, i’ll take a photo of the drink i had.. and so on!

    once you’re all done and have the photos of the day, put them online somewhere and come back to tell us where it is!

    after may 10, a list of links to completed projects will appear at this site.

    try to take a minimum of 6 photos so that we get a general story of what you did that day. we realise that most people won’t stay awake for the full 24 hours!

    you can include a short description, but your photographs should be mostly self explanitory.

    have fun! this is not a competition.

Over 500 people have signed up so far.

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