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How Arnold Won The West

Directed by Alex Cooke In How Arnold Won The West documentary filmmaker Alex Cooke followed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s campaign for Governor of California during the Recall Election of 2003. He was one of 135 candidates that ran. Some of them had good ideas to fix the state’s financial problems, some ran …

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Arnold and the Media

Arnold Schwarzenegger has done a masterful job of managing the media and his approval ratings are at 60% in a Democratic-leanign state. My question is, is this “handling” of the media good or bad, and why? Is the public reponding to this “managed” image, or is it responding to the …

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Arnold Wins!

Arnold wins! Love him, hate him, indifferent, or disgusted because the whole recall seems like a bad movie, people are fascinated with Arnold Schwarzenegger, a literally larger-than-life figure with a mythic if checkered past. We have a number of stories on Arnold and the recall: TOTAL RECALL: The Terminator Rules …

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