Monday , February 26 2024
The Governator and Xzibit save the world.

Arnold and Pimp My Ride Save The World This Earth Day

Earth Day. It comes around once a year and reminds everyone in the world that we have to be kind to planet on which we live. We need to think about that which we do every day and try and convert our ways from unhealthy, Earth spoiling, inconvenient truth helping ways to something more “green.” Something that allows the planet and the human race to have a future.

Earth Day is that one day every year that people actually consider changing their meddlesome ways, when Captain Planet doesn’t seem quite so foolish, and where one’s guilt can be expressed for a full 24 hours. Earth Day resolutions end up like New Year’s resolutions, discarded on the floor in short order, but in Earth Day’s case, the guilt doesn’t reappear till the next year, whereas the guilt about New Year’s resolutions rears its ugly head after pigging out on Super Bowl Sunday.

Once again jumping into the Earth Day fray is MTV and its “Break the Addiction” initiative. This time around, they’ve roped in Xzibit and his Pimp My Ride crew.

Xzibit and the guys at G.A.S. (Galpin Auto Sports) will be taking a ’65 Chevy Impala and throwing in an 800 horsepower biodiesel engine on a very special Earth Day episode of MTV’s Pimp My Ride. But wait, there’s more — not only will this Earth Day episode help the world, it’ll also feature the nation’s Governator as Schwarzenegger himself stops by G.A.S. and helps pimp alternative-fuel vehicles (like his own converted H2). 

Now, the huge advantage of sitting there this Earth Day and watching this very special Pimp My Ride is that it takes care of all your Earth Day help-the-world obligations. There you are, spend 30 minutes with MTV at 1pm ET/PT on April 22 and all of your Earth Day worries are at an end. Simply by watching this episode of Pimp My Ride you fulfill all your obligations to helping the world. No mess, no fuss, no guilt at not following through on any poorly thought out Earth Day promises. 

Watch Xzibit, watch the Governator, have some fun, help the world. All from the comfort of your very own living room. 

Now that’s the kind of resolution I can keep. 

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