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TV Review: Why I’m Very Afraid of ‘Fear the Walking Dead’


I am afraid that I am not a fan of this version of the zombie apocalypse or even coming back next week. Read More »

‘The Walking Dead’ – Zombies Are the Least of the Problem

dead 1

With the mid-season finale ending on absolutely the bleakest note possible, the notion of where the survivors will go is less important than how can they go on. Read More »

‘The Walking Dead’ in Memoriam – Part One

The Walking Dead Season One

AMC's The Walking Dead seldom pulls its punches when it comes to killing off characters in its core cast. Read More »

‘The Walking Dead’ Midseason Finale Review: RIP Beth Greene

Walking Dead Emily Kinney Beth

RIP Beth Greene. The first half of The Walking Dead, Season 5 concludes on a sorrowful note as the optimistic young Beth Greene dies of a gunshot wound to the head, leaving the survivor group in shock. Read More »

The Zombie Apocalypse: Tales for our Troubled Times


The world might be going to hell, but at least no one’s ambling (or shambling or running) to devour your brains. Not yet. Read More »

Zombie Apocalpyse: An Archetypal Journey

Zombies tend to spike in the public imagination when we are struggling against some fear of authoritarian control. Read More »

Blu-ray Review: Zombie Apocalypse

Low budget zombie-fest still proves to be modestly entertaining. Read More »

iPhone Game Review: ZombieSmash!

Prepare for the coming zombiepocalypse. Read More »

Book Review: Married with Zombies by Jesse Petersen

There's nothing quite like the zombie apocalypse to mend a marriage. Read More »

PlayStation 3 Review: Dead Nation

Dead Nation is a great looking zombie shooter that succeeds despite the overcrowded zombie market. Read More »