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Book Review: ‘Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War’ by Karen Abbott

liar temptress soldier spy

Would the history of the Civil War be different if women had not become personally involved in both spying and soldiering? Read More »

Interview with Alison Bruce & Kat Flannery, Authors of ‘Hazardous Unions’


Two writers discuss the art of collaboration and the writing life. Read More »

The New American Union

What if all the rights were taken away and we became controlled by a fascist America? Read More »

Walmart’s Low Prices Bear a High Cost for America

Walmart offers cheap goods, but from driving out competitors to expanding taxpayer subsidized healthcare, little good actually comes from this. Read More »

The Attack on Employee Rights

State governments attack public employee unions. Read More »

The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Politicians v. Firefighters - You Decide Read More »

Music Review: Yes – Union

Yes: Chapter 14. Read More »

Union Thuggery with the Force of Government

When government becomes the enforcer for a criminal cabal of labor monopolists we all suffer. Read More »

New Internet Cookies Rule To Be Enforced in the European Union

European online advertisers race to comply with the new EU cookies directive while in the US, efforts are being made to expand to a "Do Not Track" system. Read More »

French Pension Reform: Street Corner Garbage And Economics

Last night legislation was passed in the French Senate raising retirement age to 62. This needed to happen. France is in desperate need of economic reform. The government is financing pensions with debt. Many countries face pension problems, including the United States. Read More »