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Would the history of the Civil War be different if women had not become personally involved in both spying and soldiering?

Book Review: ‘Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy: Four Women Undercover in the Civil War’ by Karen Abbott

18679391Throughout time wars have spawned fanatics, those willing to do anything to make sure their side wins, including collusion and spying. This is true of women as well as men, although we seldom hear of the exploits of the women in history to the extent as we do of the men. The Civil war was no different.

In Liar, Temptress, Soldier, Spy by Karen Abbott we are introduced to the lives of four women who had hidden agendas in a war that tore families apart and damaged the beginning of a nation. From outright spying to enlisting as a man, these women helped to make history in their own unique fashions.

You will find their sense of bravado quite impressive regardless of the sides they chose. The fact that friends and family were also drawn into their exploits made their exploits even more daunting. Yet because they believed that they were right, and did what they could in their own way, they helped to shape the history of our nation and beliefs.

Abbott is a strong voice for these women, and interspaced throughout are photos of the time. You get in-depth information based on letters, diaries, and news accounts of the time. Their fears and concerns come through, but their bravery stands above it all. Each found a way to make a difference, cementing her place in history.

Written with an eye to suspense, steeped in detail and drudgery, you will find yourself behind the scenes, ensconced within the world of civil war history.

If you enjoy history and true stories of adventure and courage you will find this is just the work for you. If you enjoy interaction between proponents, especially in war, this is the perfect find for your library. Abbott has taken what could be dry historical fact and given it faces and names you can relate to.

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