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E3 Expo: ‘Sword Coast Legends’ Brings Dungeon Masters Back – It’s 1978 Again, But With Computers


I was a Dungeon Master before being a Dungeon Master was cool. When I saw that n-Space was developing a video game with a Dungeon Master Mode set in a Dungeons and Dragons universe, I had to check it out. Read More »

Gen Con 2014 Wrap-Up

gen con 2014

The Best Four Days in Gaming are over, but the memories live on. Read More »

XBox 360 Review: Venetica

Save the universe from an evil necromancer in this RPG. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Glory of Heracles

A very straightforward, somewhat overly linear RPG, Glory of Heracles transports you to Ancient Greece. Read More »

Screenshots: Risen for Xbox 360

Risen will soon rise on Xbox 360. We've got pics. Read More »

Final Fantasy XIII: Early Impressions

So far, so-so. Read More »

Casting Long Shadows on the RPG Genre

A look back on 2005's Shadow of the Colossus and the innovations it brought to the RPG genre. Read More »

Nintendo DS Review: Nostalgia

An awesome throwback to RPGs of yore hits the Nintendo DS. Read More »

Nintendo Wii Review: Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga

The Valhalla Knights series comes to the Nintendo Wii, but it falls far short of expectations. Read More »

PlayStation Portable Review: Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days

You will never want to sleep again… That is if you have a psp and love strategy rpg’s. Read More »