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Baseball’s Opening Day – New Drug Policy Described As Toughest Ever

ball 1

Players are going to think twice about rubbing that “crème” on their limbs, taking suspicious cough medicines, or popping pills any stronger than a baby aspirin. Read More »

Alex Rodriguez’s PED Conspiracy Theory

The question is where is A-Rod now? My guess is that you would have an easier time finding Waldo. Read More »

Joe Paterno – An American Tragedy

How Joe Paterno will be seen in sports history is yet to be seen, for in sports the infamous and the legendary often stand side by side. Read More »

Barry Bonds Guilty: The Home Run King Knocked Off Throne?

If Bonds is guilty, so is baseball and every fan who cheered as he rounded the bases. Read More »

Book Review: The Baseball: Stunts, Scandals, and Secrets Beneath the Stitches by Zack Hample

Wild stories and fun facts about the most under-rated part of the game of baseball - the ball itself Read More »

Imagine If Ichiro Played His Entire Career With Seattle

With his ninth-200 hit season, Ichiro has done something in his nine seasons that no MLB player has done in an entire career. Read More »

Could Derek Jeter Surpass Pete Rose’s Hit Total?

He has more hits than Rose did at age 35. But can he match the longevity? Read More »