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The question is where is A-Rod now? My guess is that you would have an easier time finding Waldo.

Alex Rodriguez’s PED Conspiracy Theory

Alex Rodriguez is a man of a few words. In fact, these days he is a man of no words. Yet, through his lawyer Roy Black (noted for his connection to the William Kennedy Smith rape trial) and his publicist, A-Rod has been proclaiming his innocence. Haven’t we heard this all before?

My Mom used to say “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” Well, in A-Rod’s case it is more like an inferno. He is always somehow mentioned, somehow involved, but there is never an admission or even public acknowledgement.

Now there is word that Alex thinks everyone is out to get him. This could be a great movie in the making for sure. The Yankees organization is somehow conspiring with Bud Selig and Major League Baseball to run him from the game. They want to remove him from baseball now and that is why this “biochemist” fellow Anthony Bosch has been brought out of nowhere.

If Bosch’s papers that were published in the Miami New Times last week are legitimate, then the lid is blown off A-Rod’s cover story. Supposedly these papers show dates and times drugs were administered. This is all in a preliminary stage now, but the investigation will not go away any time soon.

The question is where is A-Rod now? My guess is that you would have an easier time finding Waldo than you would Rodriguez at this juncture. He is no doubt laying low until all this passes over, but maybe that won’t happen this time.

Of course, A-Rod could be telling the truth. Bosch could have constructed an elaborate hoax as he was financed by MLB and the Yankees and promised a lucrative pay-off in order for them to rid the baseball world of A-Rod. Hey, they got rid of Pete Rose, right?

In reference to this matter, Yankees GM Brian Cashman said, “This is an ugly story that we wish didn’t exist, but it’s there.” Yes, and it will no doubt get worse until either Bosch is proven to be a liar or not.

Until then, A-Rod’s reputation (already severely damaged) and career are in jeopardy. If this is not the conspiracy that he believes it is, we may never see A-Rod play another inning, and how sad will that be for a guy who was once a lock for the Hall of Fame?

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