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Summer Meals Should Be for All Children

The Dept. of Agriculture is trying to expand summer feeding throughout the country (courtesy USDA)

It's a real test of our character as a society: Do we care for the next generation and give it a helping hand? Read More »

Where Are the School Meals?

Emergency school feeding in Mali through the World Food Programme. Cuts by Congress to food aid could harm this program (WFP/Daouda Guirou)

The struggle to defeat hunger at home and abroad depends on school meals, but sequestration cuts seem to be delaying announcement of this year's aid. Read More »

George McGovern Championed Food for Peace

I remember George McGovern for a book he wrote in 1964 called War Against Want: America's Food for Peace Program. Read More »

Cutting Food Aid Programs Dangerous to National Security

While some members of Congress may think it prudent now to cut food aid programs to save a few dollars, think again. Read More »

President Clinton Praises School Feeding for Haiti

Clinton says when school meals are provided, it makes a big difference in terms of nutrition and education Read More »

Resolution in Congress Calls for Disarming Nukes and Fighting Child Hunger

The real struggle for peace lies not in nuclear bombs, but in providing food, education, and hope. Read More »

Yes, We Can Build a Global School Lunch Program

With U.S. leadership and an international coalition, a global school lunch program can be a reality. Read More »