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Passover 2015: A New Generation at the Seder Table

Passover pesach

A new generation carries on the traditions of Passover (Pesach). Read More »

Happy Thanksgivukkah: May Your Turkey Be Stuffed with Lots o’Latkes


This year provides a unique opportunity to connect two already-bound holidays. The historical and religious synergy between Chanukah and Thanksgiving is undeniable. Read More »

Was the Sanctus Hymn Borrowed from the Synagogue?

Some personal research on similarities between Christian and Jewish praise and worship. Read More »

For God’s Sake: A Non-Jewish View on the Morality of Circumcision

Every year thousands of Jewish young children are circumcised in the name religion. It's time that changed. Read More »

Jewish and Truly Perplexed

Welcome to "Being Jewish: A Journey in Time and Place." Here you will find a lot to discover about being Jewish. Read More »

What John Galliano Tells Us about the Dark Side of Status

The real currency of haute couture is exclusivity, which is woven from heritage, genetic good fortune, unattainable expense, and, oddly enough, French law. Read More »

In the Season of Passover and Easter, What Can We Learn from the Lesser-Known Christian Passover?

Passover and Easter are not-so-distant relatives. Read More »

Karpas: The Ultimate Passover Hors D’oeuvre

Plagued by the "fifth question" of "when do we eat"? Use karpas and a well-equipped veggie tray to forestall hunger until "shulchan orech." Read More »

Towards the Third World: Illegal Aliens, Their Enablers, and What to Do About America’s Future

America is slowly but steadily moving towards third world nationhood. Who is responsible for this and what can be done? Read More »

The Man in the Mirror: A Muammar Gaddafi Nightmare

A new approach to figuring out the motivations of Muammar Gaddafi, the world's foremost public enemy. Read More »