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Book Review: ‘Art Chantry Speaks: A Heretic’s History of 20th Century Graphic Design’ by Art Chantry

A Heretic's History

'Art Chantry Speaks: A Heretic's History of 20th Century Graphic Design' is a graphic designer's archaeological “dig” through the left-over detritus of the 20th century. Read More »

Software Review: Eye Candy 7 from Alien Skin Software

Eye Candy 7

For the most part this program is geared toward graphic designers, but it may benefit anyone who needs to enhance their work, even photographers. Read More »

Software Review: Xara Photo and Graphic Designer v9


Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator, while powerful tools, require a lot of study to be able to use proficiently. And yes, there are simpler tools out there. But is there a happy medium. Read More »

Book Review: Type Matters!: Simple Tips for Everyday Typography by Jim Williams

An elegant gift of basic instruction for using typography effectively. Read More »

Book Review: Just My Type by Simon Garfield

Does the world really need 2,000 different typefaces? Find out why we do in this humorous and informative look at fonts. Read More »

Book Review: Just My Type: A Book About Fonts by Simon Garfield

An intriguing book on, what could have been a very boring subject. Read More »

Interview with David Loeff, Author of Graphics Essentials for Small Offices

An interview with newly published graphic designer David Loeff. Read More »

Book Review: Digital Art Masters: Volume 4 By The 3D Total Team

Are you looking for inspiration and refreshing viewpoints into graphic design? Read More »

Book Review: Before & After: How To Design Cool Stuff by John McWade

A lot of useful information and a brainstorming guide when you are stuck on a particular problem. Read More »

My Adventures in WordPress, Or Creating A Website without Coding Experience

Thinking of using WordPress but are intimidated by code? Try these steps for easy webpage design. Read More »