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Social Networking Site Review: A Social Parent

It's an interesting site but there aren't enough people on it yet to compete with a Facebook Read More »

American Idol: How To Get Your Vote On

Learn four different ways to get your vote on during American Idol season 12. Read More »

Facebook and Google to Contribute to $3 Million in Annual Prizes for Curing Diseases

Facebook and Google revenue to contribute to $3 million annual prize to scientists curing diseases. Read More »

LinkedIn, Watered Down

The "professional" social network is apparently trying to become just another self-esteem machine. Read More »

Running to Feed Syrian Refugees

You can help feed Syrian refugees and others in need using Charity Miles Read More »

Web Series: The New Wave in Storytelling

Many have flocked to the online arena as web series are the new tren.! Why is it so inviting vs. network television? Read More »

Interview: Alanna Imbach of the UN World Food Programme on Charity Miles Mobile App

More and more people are using Charity Miles to raise money and as a launching pad to start conversations about hunger. Read More »

Where is the Land of Opportunity Now?

Educated young people and the wealthy are leaving the US in increasing numbers. Is this a downhill trend for America? Read More »

Why Do So Many People Need to be Liked?

When I see a panhandler who has a sign that reads "Like Me on Facebook" poised above his tin cup, I have to believe this thing is out of control. Read More »

Book Review: Branding Yourself by Erik Deckers and Kyle Lacy

An excellent resource to improve your ability to selling your business and meet new people on the net. Read More »