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Six Things to Do Immediately After Being Accused of DWI

En uheldig bilist som hadde blitt stanset langs motorveien. Haste-blinkskudd i 110 km/t.

Above all, stay calm throughout the proceedings. In some situations, the case can drag on, and if you obsess over it, it will become the most stressful time of your life. Read More »

DUI Arrests and Convictions: A Look Behind the Curtain


Good people make mistakes. Whether you’ve been arrested for a DUI and don’t know how to proceed, or think it could never happen to you, it’s important to be knowledgeable and smart about the issue. Read More »

Illinois Helps Lead Nation in Drunk Driving Prevention


Ignition interlock devices and other sobriety testing tools are being used to reduce repeat incidences of impaired driving. Read More »

Avoiding the Costs of Drinking and Driving


Before you go out partying this summer, take a few simple precautions to avoid a DUI arrest or worse. Read More »

Book Review: The Drug DUI Handbook by David N. Jolly

A valuable book for DUI law enforcement officers and any individual in the DUI field, including prosecutors and DUI defense attorneys. Read More »

Thomas Kinkade Goes To Jail: Is This What They Call “Yuletide Joy?”

Apparently, Mr. Kinkade's source of "Light" had been emanating from the bottom of the bottle all these years. Read More »

Plaxico Got A Just Sentence, Unlike Stallworth

Professional athletes are just like the rest of us, and deserve sentences that meet their crimes! Read More »

All-Time NFL Sacker Meets His Match

NFL all-time Sacks leader, Bruce Smith, comes face to face with a formidable foe - himself. Read More »