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Theater Review (LA): ‘Inherit the Wind’ at Grove Theatre Center


More timely than ever in today’s political climate, the Lawrence and Lee classic is presented in a lively and engaging production at the Grove Theatre Center in Burbank. Read More »

Book Review: GOOD GOD, JOHNNY by JJ Spankston

Novel examines journey of young man whose experiences raise questions about his religious beliefs. Read More »

Book Review: Prophet of Bones by Ted Kosmatka

New sci-fi release creates "lab-opera" out of intelligent design prevailing over evolution. Read More »

Interview with Daniel Friedmann, Author of The Genesis One Code

Can the book of Genesis and science actually agree on the timeline for the origins of the universe and the appearance of life? Read More »

Book Review: The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything by Alan H. Dawe

Looking for the answers to life? The God Franchise provides a diagram of words to soothe the imagination and tickle the soul. Read More »

Reality Check: Stating the Obvious on Creationism, Modern Science, and American Society

In modern America, the time has come to accept reality over mythology once and for all. Read More »

Theatre Review (LA): Heralds by Jon Cellini at Theatre Tribe

A Midwest newspaper cartoon offends creationists; the editor refuses to retract. An intriguing situation, but this production of Jon Cellini's new play gets mixed results. Read More »

More Battles over Textbook Curriculum

Florida redacts portion of marine science textbook that gives nod to design theories Read More »

Is the Bible Wholly True, or Wholly False? Or Something In Between?

One cannot understand the Bible without proper guidance. Read More »

If You Control the Past, You Can Control the Future

Textbooks and course plans should be based on historical fact, not revisionist fantasy. Read More »