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Looking for the answers to life? The God Franchise provides a diagram of words to soothe the imagination and tickle the soul.

Book Review: The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything by Alan H. Dawe

Since the beginning of time we have asked many of the same questions. Why are we here, where did we come from, and the real topper––what is life all about?

In The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything, the author Alan H. Dawe tries to give us a stance that he believes answers those questions and more. Not having written a book on any one religion, Dawe delves to the core of the questions that haunt. With so many different religions as well as non-believers, there is a difficulty in answering to everyone’s satisfaction. What happens if you don’t believe? Different religions have different beliefs, so how do you take a concept and make it palatable for the masses?

If these questions and many others have you worrying and wondering, this work is precise and draws a parallel to the differences as well as the likenesses we all question. What about those who don’t believe in God? Well, Dawe has a theory for that as well.

If you are looking for answers and have questions about creation, you would enjoy the premise of The God Franchise. Dawe has taken the liberty of mixing the proven and the belief system and come up with an interesting scenario. Using the God Conscience as his credo, he has broken down the idea in easy terms. Much like the way a franchise works, he has drawn lines in the sand, a diagram of words to sooth the imagination and tickle the soul.

His philosophy is simple and easy to grasp, he colors the mix so thoroughly to paint a picture of beauty–and you are drawn to the idea. You will hear much of what you already know, yet it is simplified. Mixing the scientific with the belief system, he uses famous quotes, passages from the bible and other works.
The perspective draws information from many varied and well researched works, and the ideology will challenge you to look deeper into your own life. If you are open to the challenge you may just find the answers to the questions that have always haunted you. Only you can change the way you live and think, and Dawe gives you a unique process that will at least have you questioning his ideas. As with any discussion of free will, it is your choice and yours alone as to what you choose to do.

If you are looking for that certain something, here is another look through a different set of eyes. You will recognize much of the theory from other’s works but Dawe draws a perspective that is at once fulfilling and interesting.

The God Franchise would be a great book for a reading or discussion group. The possibilities are endless.

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