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Interview with J.R. Paine, Author of Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat. Amen

To promote the release of their new health & diet book, Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat. Amen, husband-wife writing team health scientist Dr. J.R. Paine and atomic physicist Dr. Gupta are touring the blogosphere this month. Their little book (60 pages) takes an original, fresh approach to dieting and offers some innovative solutions. Here to talk about the book is Dr. Paine. In this interview, he discusses the failure of most diet books today and what makes his system different and effective.

Thanks for this interview, Dr. Paine. Why don’t you begin by telling us a little about yourself?

We are health scientists, nuclear scientists, avid researchers, political leaders, educators, humanitarians and world travelers. We set sail for new horizons in search of answers to twenty-five (25) universal questions about the why, wherefore, how, if and when of life, birth, death, learning, science, medicine, health, weight, disease, war, peace, love, hate, greed, good, evil, eternal youth, premature aging, humanity, heaven, purgatory, earth, the cosmos and most importantly God.

With an insatiable appetite for knowledge and an abundance of intellectual curiosity, we traveled to and lived in far away lands, gathering knowledge and enough fame and fortune to open many doors. Between the two co-authors (man and wife) of the Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen book, we explored every frontier including but limited to international recognition as one of the world’s greatest nuclear scientists, winning the nomination for the Nobel Prize in Physics, the U. S. Congress, running for the U.S. Senate, being a guest at The White House, educating our children at Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We published numerous scientific research papers in major scientific journals, wrote scientific books, drafted peace plans for Vietnam and every other trouble spot on earth. We created the first generation of fast delivery, fast facts memo to me virtual info experts on health and obesity. But, what we value most is the opportunity to converse, communicate and exchange ideas with some of the great minds of the 20th century – people like Einstein, Kissinger, George H. W. Bush, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George Romney, Moshe Dayan, Nehru, Indira Gandhi, King Hussein ibn Talal of Jordan, His Holiness Pope John Paul II and too many others to list here.

Tell us about your book, Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat. Amen.

Thirty million diets, diet companies, books, weight loss articles, magazines, websites plus trillions of words and billions of pages to end the obesity nightmare nationally and globally have done what? Regretfully, all this output only helped in turning a trickle of obesity in 1900 into a tsunami of obesity in 2008. Why? The authors discovered that the answer is misunderstood science and stubborn insistence by the “experts” that the mouth that created the obesity pandemic problem is also the solution. The Laws of Nature say no – that is not the way humans are designed and programmed.

It became obvious to the authors that few dieters can spare the time to read 200-300 page books or possess extensive enough knowledge to pick out useful and relevant health and weight loss information. Few dieters can spare the time to read and re-read through lengthy articles, write down or memorize the helpful portions of books, articles, websites, lectures, seminars or look at digital videos 12 times a day or listen to audio tapes before the brain responds to that addictive, sudden craving sos biosignal.

We decided to devote long hours to sift through the millions of pages of research results published by teams of researchers at over 200 major universities worldwide (Harvard, Yale, University of California at Los Angeles, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, Oxford and others), famous health and weight loss clinics and the enormous supply of health and weight loss data published for the public good by our government agencies such as the Office of the U.S. Surgeon General, Department of Health and Human Services, , Center for Disease Control, National Institute of Health, Federal Drug Administration and hundreds of public health private agencies, world health organizations to name just a few.

We then had a bright, innovative idea of how to simplify science, take the scare out of the words “Laws of Nature and Physics“, condense and compress the really relevant nuggets of health and weight loss education into 150 “24/7 MEMO TO ME EZ2SLIM® PINUPS”, make the first 40 available in  Dear God, Let Me Lose Fat, Amen and another 40 in each follow-up book until all 150 were available to the people.

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