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House Trivia Quiz: The Answers

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Thanks to everyone who took the House Trivia Quiz. The response has been wonderful; and thanks also to the FOX Official House website for linking to it. If you have taken the quiz, you may now proceed to the answer key below. If not, don’t peek! Take the quiz first. Unless you can’t resist. I won’t tell. I know how much Dr. House hates tattletales. Look at what he did to poor Von Lieberman in “Distractions.”

Part I: Name That Episode

1. Mention made of Wilson’s brother.

“Histories.” His long-lost and presumably homeless brother motivated Wilson to refer Victoria, a homeless woman with bizarre symptoms, to House in the season one episode.

2. House plays piano (name at least four).

Season one: “Socratic Method” “Damned if You Do,” “Role Model.” Season two: “Skin Deep,” “All In,” “House vs. God.” Season three: “Half-Wit.” Season four: “Games.” (Partial credit for the season one episode “Control,” in which House played a mean air-piano solo to The Who’s “Baba O’Riley.”

3. House plays guitar (name three).

Season three: “Que Sera, Sera” and “Human Error,” and in season four’s “Alone.” (Partial credit for “Games.” Even though House didn’t play guitar in that episode, the lovely acoustic piece on the patient’s recording was actually Hugh Laurie playing an original composition.)

"Socratic Method"4. House gets a motorbike.

“Daddy’s Boy (season two).” He did, however, do some window shopping earlier that season in “Autopsy.”

5. House and Wilson take a spin in House’s Corvette.

“Mob Rules” (season one). A gift from the Arnello brothers, the ‘Vette made its only appearance in that mid-Vogler arc episode.

6. Cameron runs on a treadmill.

“Kids” (season one).

7. House discloses why he became a doctor.

“Son of Coma Guy” season three).

8. House affects a (bad) upper-crust British accent.

“Socratic Method” (season one). House (played by British actor Hugh Laurie) badly disguises his voice in a late-night call to his patient’s last doc. It was a bit of humorously subtle irony as most viewers did not know early in season one that Laurie is British, although the comically snooty accent he uses is nothing like his own speaking voice.

9. House harmed himself intentionally (name three episodes).

Once each in seasons one, three and four, respectively: “Detox,” “Merry Little Christmas,” “97 Seconds.”

10. Carmen Electra cameos.

“3 Stories” (season one).

11. House loses his department.

“The Mistake” (season two).

12. Chase’s dad dies.

Also “The Mistake.”

13. We see a picture of Cameron’s dead husband.

Spin” (season two).

14. We meet Foreman’s mother.

“House Training” (season three).

15. Wilson moves into House’s house.

At the end of “Clueless “(season two).

16. House faces a judge. Name three.

“Detox” (season one) “Words and Deeds,” “Finding Judas” (both season three).

17. House eats cotton candy.

At the end of “Sports Medicine” (season one). With Cameron.

18. House undergoes an MRI.

“Skin Deep” (season two).

19. House Plans a trip to the Galapagos Islands.

“Fetal Position” ( season three).

20. House diagnoses mass hysteria.

“Airborne” (season three).

Part II: House and Music

21. Name four instruments that House keeps in his apartment.

Gibson Jumbo acoustic (acquired in “Human Error” to replace his old acoustic); Gibson Les Paul model (played in “Que Sera, Sera”); five-string banjo (in his bedroom); Dobro guitar; Stratocaster; Gibson Flying V — if he fixed it.

22. Name two episodes in which we’ve heard House sing.

“Ain’t She Sweet” in “Deception,” “Serenade” from the Romberg Operetta The Student Prince in “Need to Know,” “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” in “It’s a Wonderful Lie.”

23. What type of instrument did John Henry Giles give House as a gift?

His old trumpet, for saving his life in season one’s “DNR.”

24. Name the classical piano piece that House plays on the piano at the end of “Skin Deep.”

“French Suite No. Five in G Major (Bach).”

25. Name the Oscar Peterson piece House plays at the end of “All In.”

"Hymn to Freedom."

26. Name the piano piece played by House in “House vs. God.”

“What a friend we have in Jesus”

27. What are two musical pieces House has on his iPod?

“Beautiful” (the Elvis Costello version), “Hava Nagila,” “Baba O’Riley,” Puccini’s “Nessun Dorma” are among the presumably thousands of tracks on his iPod.

28. What’s the first episode in which House played a musical instrument?

House was playing an elaborate Baroque period piece as the camera zoomed in on his apartment window in “Socratic Method.”

29. What brand guitar did House acquire in “Human Error?”

Yet another Gibson, adding to the several already in his collection.

30. What’s the name of the song House played with Dave Matthews in “Half-Wit?”

“I Don’t Like Mondays.” (Credit also given for “The Entertainer”)

"No Meaning"Part III: House Soundtrack

31. John Mayer’s “Gravity”

Final scene of “Cane and Able” — a dialogue-free scene, with just Hugh Laurie watching all of his own dreams of being pain free trickle away as he grabs his cane from the back reaches of his closet. Gravity, indeed.

32. Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah”

Final montage in "Acceptance", the season two opener.

33. Ryan Adams’ “Desire”

Bookends the opening and closing scenes of “Skin Deep.”

34. Elvis Costello’s "Beautiful"

“Autopsy” as House contemplates Andie’s words to him and window shops for a motorbike.

35. Sigmund Romberg’s Operetta The Student Prince

House (Hugh Laurie) singing a love serenade from it after his rendezvous with Stacy in “Need to Know.”

36. Lucinda Williams’ “Are You All Right?”

Perfect closing song for “Fetal Position,” as House gives up on the notion of a holiday sits in solitude, depressed and alone.

37. Gomez’ “See the world”

“Half-Wit” — so beautifully evokes House’s state of mind at the end as he contemplates entering the restaurant — taking a baby step out into society.

38. Donovan’s “Season of the Witch”

Final song in “Words and Deeds” as House rests in his jail cell after being acquitted of drug charges.

39. Bird York’s “In the Deep”


40. Three Dog Night’s “One”

Occam’s Razor”

Part IV: General Knowledge

41. Name four languages besides English that House can speak or understand.

Hebrew, Yiddish, Spanish, Mandarin, Hindi, Portuguese.

42. How many times has Wilson been married?


43. How many times (and in what episodes) have patients died?

Maternity,” “Babies and Bathwater,” “Histories.” Season two: “Daddy’s Boy,” “The Mistake,” “Euphoria,” “Forever.” Season three: “Informed Consent,” “Que Sera, Sera,” “Son of Coma Guy,” ”One Day, One Room,” “House Training.” Season four: “97 Seconds.”

44. When did Cameron and Chase first get together?

At the end of “Insensitive.”

45. How many canes has House had since the first episode?

Three in the first season (the original, the silver-tipped cane used in “Sports Medicine,” the new cane he shows to Cameron in “Kids.”) In season two he gets a new cane after Wilson severs the old one in “Safe.” In season three he gets that awful three-legged cane in “Whac-a-mole,” which he then swaps with an elderly man for a new one; and he gets another new cane after Hector (Wilson’s dog) chews through it in “House Training.” He has had the “flaming cane” ever since.

46. Who is Ingrid and what is her connection to Wilson and House?

She is the masseuse introduced in “Detox” by Wilson, making a second appearance in “Who’s Your Daddy.”

47. What are House’s parents’ names?

John and Blythe.

48. What’s Chase’s father’s name?

Dr. Rowan Chase. His address is 221B Baker Street, a reference to Sherlock Holmes.

50. Name one Woody Allen reference in the series.

Stacy quotes Annie Hall regarding the messiness of relationships.

51. What is Cuddy’s specialty?


52. What is Cameron’s specialty?


53. What is Chase’s specialty?

Intensive/critical care.

54. What is wrong with Foreman’s mom?

She has Alzheimer's.

55. Name the three episodes in which we have seen House’s scar.

“Skin Deep,” “Top Secret,” “Frozen.”

Part V: House Connections
56. WKRP in Cincinnati

Dr. Johnny Fever needed a heart transplant in season two’s “Sex Kills.”

57. Night Court (extra point if you can name both).

Charles Robinson (Mac on Night Court) was an African American clinic patient needing some blood pressure meds in season two’s “Humpty Dumpty.” John Laroquette, Night Court’s smarmy Dan Fielding was vegetative state guy in “Son of Coma Guy,” in season three.

58. Buffy (extra point if you can name more than one).

Buffy’s Dawn (Michelle Trachtenberg) played a tick victim in “Safe”; Tom Lenk guested in season two’s “Spin,” and Adam Busch played played a cow-loving clinic patient in “Sex Kills.”

59. St. Elsewhere.

St. Elswewhere’s saintly young doctor David Morse became the vengeful Detective Tritter in the mid-season three arc.

60. 24

Sarah Clark (Nina on 24) was the high-powered CEO Carly in “Control.”

61. Heroes

Heroes’ Greg Grunberg played the distraught husband of an organ donor in “Sex Kills.”

62. Full Metal Jacket

R. Lee Ermey reprised his tough-as-nails military man (different rank and different branch of the service) as House’s abusive father, John.

63. X-Files

Besides Daniel Sackheim who has been a director and producer on both shows, Pruitt Taylor Vince (the creepy Gerry Schnauz in the X-Files’ season four episode “Unrhue”) played the obsese epicure in “Que Sera, Sera.”

64. Cabaret

Joel Grey, starring as the MC in Cabaret as a dying researcher in “Informed Consent.”

65. Pippin

John Rubinstein starred in the title role of “Pippin” on Broadway long before being a jerk of a surgeon in “Sex Kills.”

Part VI: Props

66. Red, sweet, sticky.

The red suckers that House is always eating.

67. Keeps him “warm and cool.”

House’s black motorcycle jacket.

68. Has a “ginormous scratch”

House’s orange motorbike (standing corrected on the actual quote, which was "ginormous scrape!).

69. Big, round, red and white.

The gigantic tennis ball, and source of House’s thinking power.

70. Good for grinding your own medications and for smashing your hands.

Any one of the many mortar/pestal sets House seems to collect.

71. Chick Webb.

A poster of the physically disadvantaged, brilliant jazz drummer hangs in House’s apartment (first season he hung it in his office).

72. He has two by Sota.

House’s very, very expensive turntables for his precious vinyl collection.

73. One has flames; one is silver-tipped.

House’s canes.

74. Hold the pickles.

on House’s favorite food — a Reuben sandwich.

VII: Patient Care

75. Risked his license to get her a transplant.

Carly in “Control.”

76. She wrote House love letters.

Georgia in “Poison.”

77. Just one word for her: jelly.

Clinic patient with a terrible vaginal infection in “Deception.”

78. Chase chastely kissed her.

Andie in “Autopsy.”

79. She had a “tattoo of a skunk” on her shoulder.

The young nun in “Damned if You Do.”

80. House “ate the berries…”

…(in this case anesthetic gas) to help Adam, his young autistic patient in “Lines in the Sand.”

81. House couldn’t “kill her dream.”

Greta, the astronaut in “The Right Stuff.”

82. Road trip and a hoagie.

Son of Coma Guy”

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  • Barbara Barnett

    Commenting on my own article to say a mea culpa. I substituted “Detox” for “DNR” accidentally in question 16. House appeared before a judge in “DNR,” not “Detox.” Ooops.

  • Movaka

    Hi Barbara,

    first of all: Thanks for your wonderfull reviews and insights! It’s a delight reading your thougts on our beloved doctor. And your quiz was fun. But on some points I disagree with your answers – well, the one with DNR you allready mentioned yourself.

    Sorry, if it sounds rude or so, English is a foreign language to me, so sometimes things “come out” other than I intended… Here my 2 cents.

    15. Wilson moves into House’s house. Sex kills, not Clueless
    21. Name four instruments that House keeps in his apartment. What’s about his baby grand?
    28. What’s the first episode in which House played a musical instrument? DIYD, 1.05, House plays Silent night – one episode before Socratic method, 1.06
    32. “Hava Nagila”, Control (acutally: different question!)
    44. When did Cameron and Chase first get together? Hunting, I would say…
    49. What’s House’s address? I don’t remember that we’ve ever heard the name of the street…
    50. Name one Woody Allen reference in the series. another one from SOCG: HOUSE: Quick! What’s the kid’s status? Gotta get back to our sleeper before he goes looking for the Orgasmatron.
    60. 24: another one: “Sexsomnia woman”, can’t name the episode and don’t know her name though…
    61. Heroes: another one: Patient from Hunting (don’t remember the actor’s name either…)
    74. Pool hall oracle – well, again a different question

    Thanks for listening

  • Barbara Barnett

    Thanks for you comments and your correction on #28…and the additional information.

    15. He actually moves in by Clueless, but you can infer that he does at the end of the previous episode, so credit for that answer too.

    21. The baby grand is obvious. Of course credit for that one. I was going for the more obscure instruments, but… (and he should play that piano more, don’t you think?)

    28. You are correct. I flipped the two episodes in my mind. Apologies on that one.

    32. Halleluya and Hava Nagila are two different songs–two different episodes and two different seasons!!! Hava Nagila was on the iPod in Control; Halleluya was played in Acceptance.

    44. the one-night stand in “Hunting” was a “one night stand” and both thought it was a mistake. They really got together in Season three. But, I suppose you could count your answer as technically true. 🙂

    45. We’ve seen the street sign at least once (can’t remember the episode, but…)

    50. Yes, another Woody Allen ref. Love those pop-culture references.

    60/61–those are also correct; there have been other guest stars from Buffy as well (the flight attendant clinic patient, for one)

    74–Pool hall oracle could have been another question, I don’t think I referred to it in the quiz.

    Thanks for taking it, and for the additional answers–and the correction about DIYD!

  • Movaka

    No, no, no, nothing to apologize for – please, don’t take my comments too serious 😉 I was looking for an appropriate House-quote to confirm, but couldn’t think of one 🙁

    The funny thing is, when I took your quiz, question 32 was about “Hava Nagila” and question 74 was “Pool Hall Oracle”. Miracle of life.

    I’m looking forward to catching the Baker-Street-sign some time. Up to now I’ve only seen the “first” – let me count – 63 episodes, the rest I only know from reading the transcripts. Hm, guess it’s a coincidence that I reached 63 credit points in your quiz, too. Yes, I’m a proud little fangirl :-))

    Once again: Thank you for listening and especially for commenting on my comments – I didn’t want to waist your time.

    Oh, yes, and you’re right: There never can be “too much” of HL’s lovely piano playing!

  • Caiti

    that was so fun! haha. One thing though, Movaka’s comments cleared up most of my questions, but on the quiz question 32 (the music section) the question asked was “Hava Nigila” but the answer was for “Hallelujah” and question 74 was “Pool hall oracle”(props) but the answer was for “hold the pickles”.

    Oh, and just thought I’d say, the nun’s name was Sister Augustine and “Coma Guy” was Gabriel Wasniak…unless you meant the actual son who was Kyle.

    Oh, and one more thing, could “Distractions” (Season 2) count as an episode where House intentionly harms himself aswell, because he injected himeslf with a drug that he knew would cause a migraine then treated it with a drug he was sure wouldnt work??

    Thanks for the cool quiz!!

  • Barbara Barnett

    Aha! See, that’s what happens when you don’t cut and paste from the actual blog, but refer back to your original. I changed the questions at the last minute (and forgot that I did). So, obiously–32. Hava Nagila (Control on the iPod at the end with Vogler–does that sound like a game of Clue?).

    74-The pool hall oracle is House’s oft consulted Magic 8 Ball. Consider that I’ve asked two additional question for a total of 84.

    I changed those questions at the last minute to make them easier. (Just goes to show….)

    Glad you had fun. I am blown away at the response to my little quiz.


  • iamdaffodils

    Barbara – great quiz and love your blog as always! I had some questions too:

    #9 – Someone beat me to it, but wouldn’t Distractions count as an episode where House intentionally hurt himself?

    #41 – Wouldn’t Latin count as a language that House can speak and understand?

    #63 – Elias Koteas who was in No Reason…even though it’s not listed in his imdb resume, I could swear on the DVD commentary for No Reason that Katie Jacobs or David Shore said he had been on an episode of X-Files – maybe I’m dreaming that!

    #69 – The big tennis ball – isn’t it red and gray, not red and white? You really stumped me with that one because I just knew the tennis ball is red and gray and I couldn’t think of what else was big round, red and white – I thought it was a trick question!

    Thanks again for a great quiz!

  • Barbara Barnett

    Hi Iamdaffodils (I recognize that name:)).

    Glad you liked the quiz. And I’m delighted its’ bringing up discussion and questions. I thought about counting distraction, but I don’t think House was intending to harm himself by taking the meds. It wasn’t life endangering (I’m a migraine sufferer, and while it’s pretty horrible, it’s not in the same league as the other stuff.) On the other hand, you could argue the other side as well, so….

    As far as latin goes, yes, he used QED recently, but I don’t know that I’d count it as a language he knows (he’s also used it before I came, I saw, I conquered). But those are just sayings, rathe than actual speaking. He’s used obscure Yiddish that suggest more than a passing knowlege and he cuold translate Eishet Chayil — suggesting the Hebrew facility). I think he probably knows dozen of languages, though.

    I was a huge XF fan back in the day, and I absolutely do no recall him being in XF. Koteas works a lot with David Cronenberg, who did the movie Spider, which, along with Ralph Fiennes had the guy who was XF’s Manicured Man in it, so maybe that’s another XF connection 🙂

    Ahhhhh. The tennis ball…it’s changed a couple of times, but it has been red and white(maybe off white). But it has not stayed exactly the same over time 🙂


  • iamdaffodils

    Hi Barbara – yes I figured you’d recognize my name! I was “All In”, so even though I missed a few questions, I’m happy!

    Thanks for clearing those things up for me. I know the tennis ball was also solid red in Acceptance.

    Now I’ve gotta go back and listen/watch the commentary for No Reason again – it’s going to drive me crazy as to why I thought I remembered Shore/Jacobs saying Elias Koteas was on the X-Files!

    Regarding the Latin thing, I guess I was thinking that he has to use it to write prescriptions, and he has said different Latin phrases in several episodes, but yeah, not the same as speaking it. Even though we haven’t been shown it, I’m thinking too that he does speak lots of other languages – definitely Japanese for one since he said he lived there in SoaCG.

    Barbara – if you do a part 2 – here’s some questions I thought of: Name the episodes where House has juggled (two episodes). Name the episodes where House has yo-yo’d (name two, but he may have done it in more than one). Name the episodes where House has done sleight of hand (two episodes). I love when they let Hugh do trick/skill stuff like those things, that he’s so good at! Can I get some bonus points for these?!!!

    Thanks again,

  • Ann

    Thanks, Barbara!! I just loved it. I have 2 more possible answers. In Act Your Age House made a Woody Allen reference to the clinic patient about Eggs Benedict, alluding to the fact that he was presenting someone else’s symptoms because the someone else didn’t have insurance. That was from an old Woody Allen routine. Also, Skye McCole Bartusak was in 2 seasons of 24. She played the 12 year old pregnant diver in Kids. Please do a Part 2 someday!!

  • Barbara Barnett

    Thanks Ann and iamdaffodils 😉

    I think if Elias Koteas was in XF, it had to be later when stopped watching, sometime in mid season seven. I was pretty obsessed with XF, and recognized Pruitt Taylor Vince pretty quickly, but of course I could be wrong (it’s been known to happen–too often).

    As far as part two…I may do another one just before season five begins. But, as they say, we shall see.

    “Informed Consent” is on FOX Friday, and I hope to do another “revisited” review of it.

  • Denise

    I just wanted to add that number 58 Marc Blucas played Riley Finn in Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 4 and part of 5. He was in top secret as John Kelley on house.

  • Allen

    hi barbara,

    i took the exam, problem was i don’t have season 3 dvd. so i got less than 40, for the record.

    anyway, i have some things to clarify.

    1. why was the rolling stones’ “you can’t always get what you want” (played on “honeymoon”) was not mentioned here?

    2. under house connections, you forgot ron livingston (“band of brothers”), cynthia nixon (“sex in the city”), d.b. sweeney (“cutting edge”), and sela ward (“once and again”).

    3. add this to the 24 connection: leslie hope – season 1: histories (she played terri bauer in season 1).

    4. request for another kind of this take-home exam?


  • Barbara Barnett

    Thanks for taking the quiz Alan and Denise. Of course there are many more connections one could make, and I’m sure I missed a few 🙂

    Alan–The Rolling Stones’ classic is practically a theme song for the show, so I went for the slightly more obscure. So many of the guest stars are famous for other roles as well, maybe in the next quiz I’ll use those names.

    I promise to do another quiz in advance of the season five premiere (At least I promise to try ;).


  • Sarah

    well… you’re really a genious of House… you know a lot!… I couldn’t do any of the “Name the name of…”

    hope you’ll do more like this 😀
    hug and kiss


  • HLAddict

    That was fun, thank you.
    A few questions though:
    1. When was House’s mother’s name mentioned?
    2. When has House spoken Hebrew?
    3. When was the street name mentioned/shown? (the building number was shown several times and is 221/221B-depending on the episode, but I never caught the name of the street)


  • Barbara Barnett

    Hi Sarah–not a genius (just obsessed :))

    HLAddict–Hi. I do think her name was mentioned in DB. But it is definitely her name. House spoke Hebrew (or showed his understanding of it) by translating (very accurately) the eishet chayil prayer said in Don’t Ever Change. His pronunciation of the term was too precise for someone not familiar with the language. Of course he’s spoken Yiddish too many times to even count 🙂

    I think we’ve seen a flash of the street sign at least once. No one’s ever actually “said” it, but we’ve seen the sign at the corner. On the other hand, I might be just imagining it.



  • sue

    There is another episode where House intentionally harms himself, or potentially does. In the episode with the magician, he has blood injected in him to see if he gets a bad reaction. That is the episode where 13 drugs him.

  • Barbara Barnett

    when he injects himself, I never thought of that so much as intentionally harming himself, but trying to prove a medical point in a case (like in Distractions with the migraine medication). In Detox (smashing his hand); Merry Little Christmas (both in cutting himself and overdosing) and in 97 seconds, he was trying to hurt himself. I suppose you could count his hallucination when he joins the shooter’s wife in her suicide (but he was only dreaming, so there’s fleeting attempt, but it isn’t real). On the other hand, your mileage may vary, so… Thanks for playing.

  • Nikki

    Just an FYI because I’m a big “Heroes” fan and I’ve been counting, Jayma Mays, who plays Charlie (the Texan waitress that Hiro falls for) in “Heroes”, plays the lesbian who gets the plague from the dog that her girlfriend gave her in “Sleeping Dogs Lie”, and Thomas Dekker, who plays Zach (Claire’s only true friend who videotapes all of her stunts) in Heroes, is the religious “prophet” or whatever in “House vs. God”, and Nicholas D’Agosto, who plays West (Claire’s flying boyfriend in Season 2 of Heroes), is the kid whose girlfriend totals his dad’s Porsche in “Detox.”

  • Arreis

    I really enjoyed the quiz, befor taking this quiz i considered myself a pretty avid house fan, but you and all the other people to comment it are out of my league. you also must have alot of time on your hands to be able to kow all of these random facts about the show. congradulations on a job well done 🙂

  • Elizabeth

    Love the quiz, and congrats on making it to the FOX website!
    I don’t mean to sound rude, but as a student of Latin I have to add that House seems to understand the “dead language” as well as his many others, demonstrated primarily in “Don’t Ever Change.”

    By the way, who was as intrigued by the season 5 promo as I was? Wilson can’t quit! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Barbara Barnett

    Hi elizabeth. I just saw this comment (while constructing a new quiz). the promo materials for season five have been (to say the least) intriguing! I can’t wait either.