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Book Interviews

Exclusive Interviews with authors, publishers and others in the book world

Interview with Claudia Newcorn, Author of ‘Firestar: Krisalys Chronicles of Feyree: Scroll 3′


"While I read a myriad of genres, fantasy remains my favorite, and it was natural for me to write what I love." Read More »

Interview with Fey Ugokwe, Author of ‘Wifey’


"The term 'wifey' can mean anything from indeed a wife, to an indispensably mad-fabulous girlfriend." Read More »

Interview with Ronald Kirk, Author of ‘Thy Will Be Done’

TWBD larger cover

"A comprehensive rethinking of our faith in historic terms and with strict application to the Scriptures is necessary for revival." Read More »

Interview: Prescott Lane, Romance Author

First Position 7

"Part of writing is having your characters live on forever." Read More »

An Interview with Sarah Jio, Author of ‘Morning Glory’

Sarah Jio

"We get one life, and only so many trips around the sun, and I believe in love and happy endings . . ." Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Kennedy Half Century’ by Larry J. Sabato

New book about JFK includes new details about his life and death

Lets the reader know the president through the way he governed, rather than getting bogged down in his personal indiscretions. Read More »

Interview with Mike Phillips, Author of ‘The World Below’


"I thought it might be fun to try something with a modern setting while keeping strong elements of fantasy." Read More »

Interview with Carlyle Clark, Author of ‘The Black Song Inside’

The Black Song Inside 7

"I enjoy mysteries and thrillers so I wanted to try to capture the elements I enjoy in each genre in one novel." Read More »

Interview with Ellen Castro, Author of ‘Spirited Leadership’


"Did you know that emotional intelligence is up to 90% of the differential between leaders and managers?" Read More »

Interview with Michael Kasenow, Author of ‘View From the Edge’


"It’s not just a cops ‘n’ robbers type of thriller. It’s not an easy escape, it’s a journey." Read More »