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Interview with G.A. Minton, author of "Trisomy XXI".

Interview: G.A. Minton – Author of ‘Trisomy XXI’

MintonGA.jpgFrom his early childhood, G.A. Minton has always been a diehard fan of science fiction and horror. Whenever a scary movie was playing down at the local theatre, he was there in attendance with his friends, loudly screaming in terror alongside them. G.A. enjoys many hobbies, but the game of golf is one of his favorites, having lettered on his high school golf team. Besides writing, he also enjoys reading, traveling, fishing, swimming, snorkeling, working out, listening to hard rock music, and watching great movies—especially those genres that encompass horror, science fiction, mystery, and comedy. G.A. is married, and lives in Texas with his wife, a son and daughter, and two Bengal cats.

Strangely enough, it was only after G.A. was rear-ended by a drunk driver and suffered a closed-head injury, that he developed a newfound passion for writing (even though this story has the makings for a cheesy Stephen King horror novel, it is nonetheless true — he is now called “the savant horror writer” by his friends).

G.A. penned his first novel, Trisomy XXI, which oddly enough also has 21 chapters, in only three months. He begins with chapter one and writes in a freestyle manner — almost in a stream of consciousness — using no outlines, formats, or templates to assist him. The narrative flows freely from his vivid imagination, creating a thrilling tale of terror that is formed from an ordered sequence of events.

After his devastating car accident, G.A. suffered from both memory loss and problems communicating with others, which frustrated him to no end. After numerous visits with the neurologist and weeks of taking medication used by patients afflicted with Alzheimer’s Disease, G.A.’s brain slowly began to mend itself. But now, after completion of the healing process, something was very different. G.A. noticed that he had developed this overwhelming urge, this compulsive drive to put on paper a story that had formed de novo in his mind. That’s how Trisomy XXI was born. One could surmise that the damaged neurons in G.A.’s frontal cortex had rearranged themselves into a different pattern, thereby enhancing the creative elements in his brain. God only knows… stranger things have happened!

G.A. has recently completed his second novel, a dark, supernatural tale of horror that takes Good vs. Evil to a whole new level. Currently, his brain is busy at work, meticulously processing the text for another story of the macabre—one that will both entertain and horrify its unsuspecting reader!

Congratulations on the release of your latest book, Trisomy XXI. When did you start writing and what got you into Horror?

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000040_00001]I was inspired to write creatively after sustaining a closed-head injury when rear-ended in my car by a drunk driver traveling at 80 to 90 mph. Immediately after the accident, I suffered from memory loss and aphasia, a problem with expressing my speech and communicating with others. When the damage to my brain finally healed, I was left with an overwhelming desire to write a story, hence, the birth of Trisomy XXI. From my earliest recollections as a young child, I have always loved the genres of horror and science fiction. 

What is your book about?

Trisomy XXI is a story about the thrilling adventures of Joshua Allen, a sixteen-year-old boy who was born with an extra chromosome — a genetic aberration known as Trisomy XXI, or Down Syndrome. When a serious accident leaves him in a coma at the hospital, Joshua receives a mysterious injection that endows him with supernatural powers. The transformed teen is linked to a string of bizarre, unexplained deaths that have both the town’s sheriff and the coroner completely baffled.

But when a ghastly creature from another planet lands on Earth and begins its hunt for Joshua — viciously slaughtering anyone in its path in order to complete its deadly mission — Joshua and his friends are thrown into a world of horror that is totally out of control. What follows is a horrific life-and-death struggle with the seemingly-indestructible extraterrestrial being. The salvation of an entire race of aliens hangs in the balance…        

What do you hope readers will get from your book?

If readers get as much enjoyment out of reading Trisomy XXI as I had in writing it — and I truly believe they will — then I will have accomplished my goal as a writer. Just being able to put your thoughts down on paper, creating an entertaining story that can both be shared and enjoyed by others, will give you an adrenaline rush that no amusement park ride can even come close to. For me, it’s all about the reader!

Do you have a writing schedule? Are you disciplined?

I am very disciplined, so I write whenever I can, especially since I enjoy this creative outlet so much. Since I do have a day job, I usually write in the evenings during the week, and in the mornings and nights on the weekend. I have never suffered from “writer’s block,” so fortunately for me, I am able to write whenever I wish to pen my thoughts. A pen and piece of paper always lie receptively on my bedside tabletop, ready and willing to transmit any epiphanies that awaken me during the night!

What was your publishing process like?

Nowadays, it is very difficult to get your novel accepted for publication by a traditional publisher, especially considering the fierce competition involved. All authors have experienced their fair share of rejections by publishers, a reason why many choose to self-publish their own books. I was extremely fortunate in that Trisomy XXI was accepted for publication by three different reputable, royalty-paying publishers, thereby affording me a choice. I’ve read horror stories (no pun intended) about authors dealing with their publishing companies, so I am very fortunate to have selected World Castle Publishing as my publisher. So far, my journey into the world of book publication is going smoothly and has been very enjoyable. All things considered, I couldn’t have asked for a nicer experience!

George Orwell once wrote: “Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand.” 

I do understand the love-hate relationship thing, but I haven’t experienced it. I love to write, and fortunately for me, it comes quite easily. I am able to pen my novels freestyle, almost in a stream of consciousness, relying on no outlines, formats, diagrams, or templates for assistance. The narrative is able to flow freely from my imagination, ending up with a storyline that contains an ordered sequence of events. To me, it’s a creative art form, much like painting — each stroke of the brush is analogous to writing a sentence. When the artist has delivered enough brushstrokes to the canvas, a beautiful painting is created, similar to an author penning a given number of sentences together to produce a thrilling novel. I am not driven by a demon, but I have been encouraged by an angel! 

What has writing taught you?

Writing has allowed me to connect with others through my stories, hopefully stirring up those emotions that will bring excitement and entertainment to all of my readers. Writing also gives me peace of mind, a sense of accomplishment, and teaches me patience—a necessity for any author who wishes to write well. An author should try to be humble, and must remember that “The pen is always mightier than the sword!”

Author photo and cover art published with permission from the author and provided by author’s publicist. 

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