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Jayson is an independent journalist, freelance blogger, and technology junkie with a passion for music, arts, and the outdoors.

’Tis the Season: How to Incorporate Nature into Holiday Decorations


By using plants, you can create the cheer without calling to mind a loaded holiday tradition. Read More »

How Business Intelligence Can Amplify Your Marketing Campaign


Smart use of BI metrics will lead to better customer relationships, more efficiency, more streamlined and intelligent operations, and larger profits. Read More »

How Google’s Self-Driving Car Could Change the World

Google driverless car

By 2040 roadways will be safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly, cities will be greener - and we won't have to worry about parking. Read More »

Are Car Tracking Devices an Assault on Privacy?

car tracking devices

In the near future, many cars will be fitted with telematic devices that record and send detailed data about the car's usage. Read More »

New Mental Health Manual Causes Serious Controversy


Every new release of the mental health care bible is subject to controversy and criticism. DSM-5, which recognizes "Internet addiction" but lumps Asperger's into the autism spectrum, is no exception. Read More »

The Rampant Rise of Gambling in Men’s Golf


According to a recent report by the NCAA, college athletes are naturally more prone to gambling. Read More »

5 Trading Strategies for Newbie Investors

Quick tutorials on how to jumpstart your trading strategy. Read More »

Is Tesla the Future for Green Automobiles?


Tesla motors is ramping up its green production. Read More »

Five People Changing the Trading Game

Investors: the hidden rock stars of the trading game. Read More »

How to Balance Work and Leisure on Vacation

Don’t let your next vacation be ruined because you haven’t found a good balance between your personal and professional life - follow these simple instructions instead. Read More »