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Book Review: ‘What the Hell Was That?’ by Jeffrey Friedberg

What the Hell Was That? by Jeffrey Friedberg

New story collection by Jeffrey Friedberg, "What the Hell Was That?", is warp-speed ahead in entertainment value. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Chance for Glory’ by Darin Watkins

Chance for Glory by Darin Watkins

New book, Chance for Glory, reveals untold story of first Rose Bowl at 100-year anniversary. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Walking Out the Other Side’ by Alan S. Charles

Walking Out the Other Side by Alan S. Charles

New memoir, Walking Out the Other Side, shares honest and insightful confessions of a cocaine addict. Read More »

Book Review: ‘In Julia’s Garden’ by Laura Wharton

In Julia’s Garden by Laura Wharton

Historic garden at the center of long unsolved mystery in new novel, "In Julia's Garden" by Laura Wharton. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Living Your Life Alive’ by Autumn Shields

Living Your Life Alive by Autumn Shields

New book, 'Living Your Life Alive,' nudges us to live life fully. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Dealing with Autism’ by Randa Habelrih

Dealing with Autism by Randa Habelrih

New book, "Dealing With Autism", offers insight into family’s autism experience and obstacles overcome. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Art of the Nudge’ by John Geraci & Christine Miles

The Art of the Nudge by John Geraci & Christine Miles

New book, 'The Art of the Nudge: Unlocking Your Hidden Potential,' advocates use of story to nudge us to greatness in business and in life. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Project Management for You’ by Cesar Abeid

Project Management for You by Cesar Abeid

New project management book, 'Project Management for You' by Cesar Abeid takes, readers from ideas to realities. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Stepping into Your Becoming’ by Nicole Gabriel

Stepping into Your Becoming by Nicole Gabriel

New book, 'Stepping into Your Becoming,' guides readers into owning their powerful, authentic self. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Kittridge Manuscript’ by Don Meyer

The Kittridge Manuscript by Don Meyer

Civil War manuscript leads to mystery and mayhem in new thriller, The Kittridge Manuscript, by Don Meyer. Read More »