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A writer, movie junkie and political nerd. Basically anything that tells a good story is enthralling to me.

Book Review: ‘Who We Be’ by Jeff Chang

Who We Be

'Who We Be' is a slow-moving storm washing away the layers of ignorance and ambivalence about the continuing growth of our culture. Read More »

Gadget Review: Yantouch Diamond+ Bluetooth Speaker


At $150, the Yantouch Diamond+ Bluetooth speaker is a solid deal and will likely be a go-to device in your audio collection for all types of trips, parties and other excursions. Read More »

Book Review: ‘The Great Dissent’ by Thomas Healy

The Great Dissent

'The Great Dissent' brings the First Amendment to life and makes Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes a layered, multi-faceted figure at the crux of our personal freedoms. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Dogs Rule Nonchalantly’ by Mark Ulriksen

Dogs Rule Nonchalantly

While I have been assimilated into loving cats and a menagerie of other animals, dogs still hold a special place in my heart, and Ulriksen provides plenty of proof for his statement that 'Dogs Rule Nonchalantly.' Read More »

Music Review: Maroon 5 – ‘V’

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 uses 'V' to grab music elements from every walk of pop life and stamp it as their own. It's a tour through audio addiction. Read More »

Music Review: Counting Crows – ‘Somewhere Under Wonderland’

Counting Crows

'Somewhere Under Wonderland' is a welcome return to a band I truly relished for many years and am glad to hear once again. Read More »

Headphones Review: BackBeat PRO by Plantronics

BackBeat PRO

The BackBeat PRO Headphones are worth the cost for the consumer looking to enjoy not only the music, but the experience. Read More »

What Song Inspired You Most? Tell Us and You May Win Tickets to DJ Shadow + Cut Chemist Live in L.A.

DJ Shadow Cut Chemist

Is there one song, by any artist, that changed your life? Read More »

Music Review: Weird Al Yankovic – ‘Mandatory Fun’

Weird Al Mandatory Fun

'Mandatory Fun' sounds demanding, but it is not hard work to enjoy the genius of Weird Al at his peak. Read More »

Yoga Clothing Review: Yogasmoga


Yogasmoga provides incredibly comfy clothes while giving a hug to the rest of the world. Read More »