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Jon Sobel is an Executive Editor of Blogcritics as well as lead editor of the Culture & Society section. As a writer he contributes most often to Culture, where he reviews NYC theater; he also covers interesting music releases. He writes the blog Park Odyssey, for which he is visiting and blogging every park in New York City—over a thousand of them. Through Oren Hope Marketing and Copywriting you can hire him to write or edit whatever marketing or journalistic materials your heart desires. By night he's a working musician: lead singer, songwriter, and bass player for Whisperado, a member of other bands as well, and a sideman.

CD Review: Jessi Colter, Out of the Ashes

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Another Preordained Dollar-Coin Failure?

As with more urgent matters like health care and global warming, the US has been and remains well behind the times in pocket-change convenience. Read More »

DVD Review: Serenity

The Serenity universe is dusty and messy, peopled by thieves, prostitutes, suck-ups, disgruntled veterans, and garden variety assholes. Read More »