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Mostly self-produced, the polished tracks on the fourth album from the 'American Idol' Season 7 winner vary in originality and interest.

Music Review: David Cook – ‘Digital Vein,’ New Album from ‘American Idol’ Season 7 Winner

David Cook Digital VeinDavid Cook offers a full plate of smooth, well-crafted pop-rock on Digital Vein, the American Idol Season 7 winner’s fourth studio album and his first since This Loud Morning, which reached Billboard Top 10 in 2011.

Mostly self-produced, the polished tracks vary in originality and interest. There’s an overall monotony to the album’s precision sound, with songs like “Broken Windows” and the single “Criminals” building to obvious choruses over the kinds of small-range melodies we’ve heard a million times before. On the other hand, “Heartbeat” and the low-key, Peter Gabriel-esque “Better Than Me” rise above the generic. And the single “Carry You” has a winning if not very original melody.

Welcome touches of variety emerge here and there: in the synthesizers and frenetic beats of “Kiss & Tell,” in the torchy (though bland) “Wait For Me,” and in a moody, theatrical take on Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game.” I looked forward to hearing that last track, but found it disappointing, because Cook’s vocals are strangely colorless, lacking the snaky passion of Isaak’s iconic original performance.

Several of the best songs nestle near the end of the album. In the silvery pop nugget “Where Do We Go” Cook delivers the emotion he doesn’t find in “Wicked Game.” He hits pretty hard in “Firing Squad” even through some clichéd lyrics. And Digital Vein closes with the lovely, sad ballad “But You Won’t,” with its knowing lyrics: “We could find our way home/But we won’t.”


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  1. Love David Cook and lobee the songs I have heard from Digital Vein so far…his voice is stellar…no one does it better then Mr.Cook… Chris who?

  2. Best album he’s put out since his pre-idol album of Analog Heart. These are fantastic songs, and fill a void in the soul-less production of most music these days. Criminals is a catchy new single that needs to go to radio…but buy the album for the opening “Heartbeat”, “Broken Windows” and the moving “Home Movies”…a song he wrote about his childhood memories of his brother lost to brain cancer a few years ago. David Cook is back!