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A. Jurek is one of the editors at Blogcritics. Contact me at: a.jurek@blogcritics.org

A Blueprint For an Innovation-Driven Society


Innovation is a fundamental cause of economic growth, but it also causes disruption, a nice word for failure and destruction of old industries and value chains. Societies need innovation to thrive, but they also fear its destructive power. Those which manage to strike a balance between the need to harness the full potential of human talent and the need for ... Read More »

Book Review: ‘Restraint: A New Foundation for U.S. Grand Strategy’ by Barry R. Posen

restraint by barry posen

Strategies can have unintended consequences, sometimes causing the very effects they hope to ameliorate. Read More »

The National Debt: Why Putin Doesn’t Fear America


As America withdraws from the world because it cannot afford to stay engaged, Russia and China will expand their spheres of influence. Read More »

Snowden’s Leaks Irrelevant in the Long Term


In the long term, espionage doesn't matter. Read More »

Is Poland’s Stealth Tank PL-01 a Game Changer?


Although it had been announced in 2013, the joint Polish-British tank concept has only recently been noticed by the media. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Syndrome E’ by Franck Thilliez


A harrowing thriller takes its inspiration from some dark medical experiments . Read More »

The Silicon Valley Can Be Replicated In Two Easy Steps

silicon valey

Many self proclaimed experts on innovation claim that the Silicon Valley cannot be replicated. They present many reason why this seems to them to be true. Yet replicating the Silicon Valley as a location for fundamental technological paradigm breaks is possible, if not easy One often cited idea why it is impossible to replicate Silicon Valley is that of the Matthew ... Read More »

Book Review: ‘A Sense of the Enemy’ by Zachary Shore

sense of the enemy zachary shore

Zachary Shore, a historian of international relations at the Naval Post Graduate School, has written a book that is at once immensely interesting and disappointing . Read More »

The Ukrainian Crisis and the Possibility of War in Europe


Russia won't give up its regional hegemony without a fight. Read More »

Book Review: ‘Blood Royal’ by Eric Jager


The story of a murder that unraveled France. Read More »