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Xbox 360’s Possible Pricing?

Wal-Mart employees have reportedly leaked the price for the new Xbox 360 due to come out November 4. Story here.

Please remember that this may or may not be true since Microsoft has not yet officially announced the price for the Xbox 360. But if anyone else would know the pricing, it would be the corporate powerhouse that is Wal-Mart and its thousands of employees.

This rumor says that the Xbox 360 will debut at a retail price of $299.99 and that the launch titles will retail for $59.99 – $10 higher than the current retail price for most new Xbox titles. If I remember correctly, the original Xbox debuted for the same price way back when in November 15, 2001.

Many analysts have noted that Microsoft stands to lose lots of money on every console sold. The $299.99 looks to attract gamers to the console at a relatively cheap price considering the amount of technology built into the next generation console. However, since the software tends to be more profitable compared to the consoles themselves, raising the prices on the games doesn’t seem illogical.

You might want to take note of Microsoft’s Xbox pricing strategy when you’re looking into the Sony Playstation 3. They tend to share the same strategies.

Screw the Xbox, I’m getting a Nintendo Revolution.

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