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There need to be regiments of young white people coalescing into squadrons of anti-racism reformers to modernize and re-educate white racists.

White Youth Corps Against Bigotry

an Occupy type Organization in needed.

Whenever a need is recognized someone usually comes forth to satisfy that need. Lately the problem of white racism and bigotry has been in the news in a most embarrassing way to young unbiased white people. The need to fix this glaring racial ugliness is conspicuous.

First there was the case of the white welfare cowboy Cliven Bundy, a 67-year-old patriarch of a large Mormon family with over 50 grandchildren, whose racism came into the national spotlight after the federal government started impounding his 900 head of cattle in early April, following a 20-year battle over cattle-grazing on federal land. Bundy proceeded to tell a New York Times reporter what he knew about the Negro.

Shortly after that the taped voice of 80-year-old Donald Sterling, the white billionaire owner of the LA Clippers basketball team, was released and we heard Sterling telling a mix-race female companion what he thinks about black people. His views were so incendiary that they made possible a disruption of the multi-billion dollar game of basketball which lines the pockets of 29 other moneychangers, hundreds of players and a huge support complex of thousands of workers.

Those two episodes of racial bigotry gathered more media attention than the millions of incidents that occur on a daily basis and got people talking about the problem of racism. To highlight how uncool it is to be openly racist these days, some white people were embarrassed to be connected by race to these two dinosaurs.

There was tons of talk about how to fix the problem, but the proposals all involve improvements in the living conditions of African Americans, as thought an upper-class life for African Americans would cure white racism. That theory is squashed as soon as we realize that racism is hurled 24/7 at an African American who, as president, lives at the pinnacle of American society, which has not immunized him from daily racist attacks.

If white people want to eradicate white racism and bigotry they have to do it themselves. They have to forget about retooling the lives of Negros, black people and African Americans for now and concentrate on the source of the racism: white people. Young white people have to organize to rid the country of white racism. They have to develop a program of anti-racism talking points to take into every nook and cranny of white racial bigotry. They have to take the program to senior citizen centers, Rotary Clubs, police departments, chambers of commerce, financial institutions, the U.S. Congress, the two major political parties, and taxi commissions. Young white people have got to own the job of eradicating white racism not just among themselves but also among older white people more susceptible to the disorder.

There need to be regiments of young white people coalescing into squadrons of anti-racism reformers to modernize and re-educate white racists. They have to have the tenacity of Mormon missionaries proselytizing for religious conversion in the evangelical South. There needs to be a national organization with divisions in every state and branches throughout the states to eradicate white racism and bigotry. The organization could develop and offer a 12-step program for standard abusers and a mandatory 90-day re-education program with dormitories and classrooms on plantations in South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi and Georgia for extreme racists and all white people over 60. The program should have a curriculum that lays out the evils of slavery, Jim Crow and white privilege. The goal would be to shrink the incidence of racism to a size where it could be drowned in a bathtub.

When young white people start forming community organizations in the places where white people gather to reinforce their deeply held social mythology, and redirect the misguided notions they hold on race, is when I will know that there is a serious effort to eliminate racism.

Past efforts to combat racism have been directed toward the victims. When housewives in Boston attacked a school bus load of African American children in 1974, the establishment’s focus went to ways to eliminate busing and not on eliminating the racist mindset of violent white mothers. When Fannie Lou Hamer exposed the hypocrisy of the all-white 1964 Democratic delegation from Mississippi to the Democratic National Convention in New Jersey, the bosses immediately tried to compromise rather than do the right thing which would have been to have racially proportional seating of the delegation.

The civil rights era has passed after doing what it could to make America a better place for all of us to live in. Civil rights organizations fought hard to change discriminatory laws and practices and won those wars. Brave black schoolchildren integrated all-white school systems under the threat of death; freedom riders liberated interstate travel, often jailed and beaten, but prevailing. The right to vote was won for blacks after Bloody Sunday and many deaths. Look around: back of the bus, whites-only water fountains, legal hiring discrimination – these and hundreds of other racial disparities are gone. What’s left are racial dinosaurs like Bundy and Sterling and the pile of new discriminatory laws (speaking of dinosaurs) Republican politicians are enacting around the country.

African American civil rights initiatives have gotten us this far. Young white people have got to take the battle where it needs to go now, into the homes of white people. Only they can do this.

They say that the condition of the heart cannot be legislated too. Even if that’s true, it’s not with the heart that people act out their racism – it is with the mind. The American Psychiatric Association has members who have developed techniques to cure the mind of many of its ailments; why not racism? I call for the establishment of the White Youth Corps against Bigotry (WYCAB), a non-governmental, non-profit grass-roots organization to fill the void that is so badly needed in the next stages of the fight against racism. There are plenty of organizational models WYCAB could adopt; The Peace Corps, Job Corps, Alcoholics Anonymous, or Meals on Wheels. Perhaps it would be most effective if it were modeled after and have the autonomy and anonymity of the Occupy Wall Street Movement of a few years ago. It just can’t in any way be connected to the government. We can’t have a government creating the people’s morality.

Now let me tell you something else I know about the…

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  1. Author says “Stand against racism” then same author goes on to write a 2 page long rant about white people as the sole reason for “evil racism”

    Why don’t you just tell us what you actually mean? Racism=White People to you

    • Lev, you must be talking bout some other article. I don’t believe you read my very factual piece and come away calling it a rant – read it.

  2. Hey Horace, why don’t you concern yourself with the rampant racism of your own people before you concern yourself with white people’s.

    • Well Anabelle, because your racism hurts me more. Makes sense to me to get rid of the greater pain. Would you agree in pragmatism?

  3. “Diversity” means chasing down white jobs.
    “Diversity” means chasing down white schools.
    “Diversity” means chasing down white neighborhoods.
    “Diversity” means chasing down Every. Last. White Person.
    “Diversity” means White Genocide.
    “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

    • Incorrect.

      Lets pretend for a moment that someone was actually chasing you around. Who is chasing you? Why are they chasing you?

    • sideshow bob’s latest meth-addled meme is really a clunker, eh? Please tell us who is chasing us and why.

    • There are no such things as white jobs, schools, neighbourhoods, there is no genocide taking place against white people. I’m white and I feel more threatened by the hate fuelled nonsense you post than anything else.

      • The Right Fight

        Roderick is one of Bob Whitaker’s bunny boys. All they do is post those quotes all over the internet. Commercial spam … to promote the giving of speeches and the selling of tee shirts.

        They rarely respond, @Christopher_Rose:disqus … check out the @disqus_hRXgMFEWJv:disqus’s history on your moderator page and all you’ll see is similar stuff. Rabbit feces, in my opinion.

        • The Lefts Destruction

          You deny the fact that white genocide exists? All over the west our countries are being flooded by third world immigrants who have no respect for the culture and customs of the natives who inhabit it.

          The leftist media spews out it’s malevolent and virulent anti-white rhetoric on a day to day basis, fortunately the people of Europe are waking up,soon the left will be crushed, and nothing will remain. You are losing this fight my friend.

          The European people deserve to have their own homogeneous continent like any other people, we are entitled to preserve our own way of life. The right is increasing in Europe, your lies and propagation can only go so far.

          • The Right Fight

            UFO genocide … sounds like you have a good imagination.

            Good luck with that.

            Have a nice day in Fantasyland, Lefty. 🙂

          • The Lefts Destruction

            The chicken are coming home to roost you wanker . You so called “progressives” are losing traction all over america and Europe, the only flight i see is that of the left.

          • The Right Fight

            How ironic … a Brit trying to tell a conservative American how to fight for patriotic values.

            Missing those old Empire days, are you, Lefty?

      • Meanwhile back in the real world. In the 60’s, anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white countries to bring in millions of non-whites.
        Then anti-whites forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face penalties for being “naziswhowantokill6millionjews.”
        Now anti-whites are praising and counting down the days till ALL and ONLY white children are minorities and extinct EVERYWHERE.
        That makes it genocide.
        “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white.

        • The Right Fight

          Flagged as spam … repetitively posting those hyphenated-words that are really only intended to drive tee shirt sales.

          • Poor anti-white. It would be so easy to not post my links and leave you with nothing to do in life but your “flagging” is irrelevant. Do what you want. You’ve already lost. “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white.

          • The Right Fight

            LOL … you really are clueless about the game, aren’t you Rod?

            Go back to the Bunny Blog and see how many of your rabbit droppings remain visible to the readers, @disqus_hRXgMFEWJv:disqus.

            If you think your ‘private” profile will save you, then you’re gonna be rabbit stew. You dumb bunnies have no idea how much we know about what you post, and where.

            Answer me this, Rod … how can a bug swarm something that a bug can’t find?

            Wouldn’t hiding your trash defeat the concept of having bugs “swarm” on the comments other bugs have posted?

            And now that the “prophet” has claimed that the scheme is all about “swarming”, how can you silly rabbits undo that teaching without destroying the Bunny Blog completely?

            LOL – you dumb bunnies have been snared in your own trap.

          • Corpus_Innominata

            Thanks for fighting the right fight. 😉

      • Corpus_Innominata

        If I should happen to see you on a Youtube video playing the starring role
        in a polar bear hunting vid I promise not to laugh since you seem like a
        nice enough guy (not so sure about that WhiteRabbit though).

        A self-governing racially autonomous homeland is a fundamental basic
        right for all humans. Except for us white folks, of course, since were not
        human. The stolen lands of Norway, Sweden, France, England, Germany,
        and Poland should all be returned to the Native Americans that were there

    • The Right Fight

      Ah … @disqus_hRXgMFEWJv:disqus … you popped your head up out of Bob Whitaker’s bunny hill.

      Your “private” Disqus profile doesn’t protect your comments from the moderators, Roderick Bateman. You silly rabbit … we can still hunt them down and flag them. Anywhere and everywhere, Rod.

      You guys are really dumb bunnies, Rod.

      Tag it … flag it … bag it. Rabbit Stew. That’s one dead comment from the Bunny Blog.

      Flagged as spam … posting repetitive inappropriate comments.

  4. Horace, it’s not surprising that your very clever article went completely over the heads of the knee-jerk white supremacist paranoiacs, but of course they aren’t really the ones you’re trying to reach. It’s fun to watch the spittle fly though.

  5. Corpus_Innominata

    I read the title: “White Youth Corps Against Bigotry” and thought it
    would be a group against the anti-white bigotry that is prevalent
    in media, academia, government, crime, etc. Nope. Just more
    anti-white racism under the guise of anti-racism.

    The White Student Union was denied but Mexican, Black, Asian
    or any other student union is okay.

  6. Corpus_Innominata

    With regard to Sterling, why the antisemitism? ADL should take a look at this.