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What’s In a Picture?

In this case, everything:

    as Saddam Hussein’s regime crumbles, the Iraqi president’s images are falling, too.

    The instigators are twofold: U.S. military forces and, at times, Iraqis themselves. Sometimes they do it together.

    “Every time we tear down a picture of Saddam, they cheer,” said Cpt. Peter McAleer, commander of Echo Company of the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The 15th is helping to hold Nasiriyah, a key crossroads for supplies and military personnel heading north to Baghdad.

    Just a few days ago in Nasiriyah, a huge statue of Saddam gazed down upon motorists entering town. Now, after a two-week battle won by invading U.S.-led forces, the enormous concrete pedestal stands empty.

    Everywhere in this city, U.S. Marines are pulling down images of Saddam, with residents often joining in. [AP]

Most dramatically of course, this:

    Saddam Hussein’s rule over Iraq collapsed on Wednesday as U.S. troops swept into the heart of Baghdad and helped jubilant residents celebrate by toppling a huge statue of their ousted leader and dragging its severed head through the streets. [AP]

Watch “Saddam Statue Toppled, Images Defaced” AP film here as American and Iraqis TEAM UP to topple the statue of the baby-rapist – no need to deconstruct the symbolism here.

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